Why Working With a Private Mortgage Broker

You have to have the resources to invest in real estate. Most of the time, making the full equity investment on their own is a challenge for investors. In addition to the enormous financial risk involved in investing with 100% of your personal funds, self-financing would limit an investor’s potential for expansion. These are the main reasons why investors are […]

Manipulation of the cash flow statement

Unlike the world of accrual accounting, cash flow is an effective way for investors to measure the financial health and operational soundness of a company. The general idea of ​​recognizing income when it is realized or realizable can be complicated when an investor has to make a financial decision regarding a certain company. Whereas, having a good understanding of where […]

Anderson Hickory Forge – Forged by the hands of masters

Anderson Hickory Forge flooring is an excellent product for hand-scraped wood flooring. This product was designed by Anderson to provide consumers with a great visual appearance for a fraction of the cost of the Virginia Vintage Hand-Scraped Collection. The entire collection consists of 5 “wide planks that are 3/8” thick engineered construction. Featuring a real walnut veneer and handcrafted hand […]

The future of skateboarding

Where have we been, where are we now and where is skateboarding going? The beginning If we’re going to try to figure out the future, it’s probably a good idea to go back first and see how this started. It all started in the 1950s, when California surfers began putting skate wheels on wooden boards and strolling their local streets. […]

The importance of your own brand

Stuck In Your MLM Business? Not to be noticed? There is only ONE way to get noticed in this industry and that is through your own brand. The own brand (and the entire “You, Inc.” business model) will take your MLM business to a whole new level if done the right way. This could mean the difference between 5 leads […]

Pure Clear Meadow Grass Benefits

Meadow Grass Benefits Pure Clear Meadow Grass is a popular lawn care product and a lawn fertilizer in its own right. Its popularity stems from its ability to provide green, lush lawn that is rare to find in the Midwest or elsewhere in the country. Pure Clear Meadow Grass contains no salts or additives of any kind and is an […]