Why Adults Join Piano Lessons Singapore Programs

Join Piano Lessons Singapore Programs When looking for an effective piano learning program, many adults join Singapore programs. They often doubt their ability to learn piano because of their advanced age. But, it’s never too late to learn how to play the piano, especially if you’ve had some musical training in the past. Fortunately, there are many advantages to learning […]

From Modesty to Naked Nothingness: Leaving the Underwear Revolution Part 4 of 4

“What was once fashionable will be fashionable again …” Japanese proverb In the first 3 parts of this 4-part series, we explore the beginnings of women’s underwear in an era of sexual repression and the evolution of underwear until the sexual revolution, allowing a freedom in women’s lingerie and underwear than ever before. existed. Now we will literally explore the […]

How the monotony of numbers will set you free

Numbers are symbols, much like words, with their own simple intrinsic meanings when alone. When they are in context with other numbers, they become much more complex and meaningful. What is often not understood is the extent to which you can gain insight into the ins and outs of your business by knowing the accounting details of your business. In […]

A brief history of the Larkin Soap Company premiums

John Larkin soaps John D. Larkin founded a soap factory in Buffalo, New York, in 1875. His factory produced two products, Sweet Home Soap, a yellow laundry soap, and Crème Oatmeal, a toilet soap. The soaps were sold through wholesalers and retailers. A new approach to sales In 1881, Larkin began selling his soap through door-to-door sales to residential customers. […]