How do I start a personal training business?

Hi all! I will show you how to quickly start a personal training business. This is the number 1 most frequently asked question! In the question above, we talked about figuring out if this is the right industry for you. Now, we can get to the basics to build a very successful fitness business. First, take an inventory of your […]

Success in the Multi-Cat family

Many cat lovers are not satisfied with just one cat; They are so in love with their feline friend that they are consumed by the desire to have two or even more cats as family pets. However, if done incorrectly, this can cause major problems; including persistent fighting and / or urination and defecation outside the litter box. Having raised […]

How to choose the right real estate agent for you

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, choosing the right real estate agent or buyer’s agent is the most important step to take. The process of buying or selling a home is very detailed and complicated. Besides the fact that mistakes can cost a lot of money? Your assets are at stake and losing through buying or selling is the […]

The Iron Men of Professional Sports

While there are a considerable number of great athletes in the professional ranks, there are very few who have earned the reputation of being iron men in their respective sports. Most of us associate the term Iron Man with the caricature of a fictional superhero possessing extraordinary abilities far surpassing those of mere mortals. Another mental image that comes to […]