The ethics of birthday party invitations

One might think that there is nothing more innocent and free-spirited than the act of extending invitations to a birthday party. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because inside planning children’s birthday parties and offering invitations there is a minefield riddled with ethical hurdles and booby traps. Here are three tips to help you maneuver the maze. Pointer # […]

Soulmates – Flames

The universe exists within its own laws and principles; It can be defined by science, revered by religion, or remain an infinite enigma. One of the principles of the universes is the law of polarity. Whether light or dark; positive or negative; yin or yang; male or female; proton or electron; heaven or earth; sun or moon; Alpha or Omega; […]

Tips for moving to another country

MAKE SURE – Moving can be extremely stressful, make sure it’s the right move for you before you leave. If possible, visit the country before making a decision, do not trust the impressions of other people. Ask yourself if the new culture will really follow you (and your family). BE PREPARED – … for everything to go wrong. Don’t assume […]

3 important tips and tricks for trading

In today’s article, I would like to summarize all the important things that I have learned in trading in the last decade. Let’s go for it! 1. Risk management and positive RRR We started working on our private fund and application with our team three years ago. At first, we asked ourselves a fundamental question: “How can we change risk […]

What are the financial reporting requirements for nonprofit accounting?

A non-profit organization issues a slightly distinctive set of financial reports than the reports generated by a for-profit entity. One of the reports is different from that of non-profit organizations. Although non-profit companies are not legally required to issue annual financial reports. Still, many nonprofit managers realize the added value that annual reports can offer government officials, donors, and employees. […]

Tips for healthy eating

Eating healthy helps your mind, body and soul. Your body will begin to appreciate the change in your diet and you will feel much better. Healthy eating is truly the healthiest way to lose weight. Additionally, a low-calorie nutritional diet and exercise regimen help control disease and aging. You know that the reason we tend to start gaining weight is […]