Popular Baseball Teams and New NFL Coaches

One thing that stood out about Sunday’s NFL preseason opener was that the new coach won and covered again. After a dominant early string off the Eagles’ front stringers, the Raiders controlled the pace much of the rest of the way, earning the win as a +3 dog. Philly is led by Andy Reid, a successful coach who has led […]

Dr. Victor A Carreño – NASA Engineer and Technologist

Born in 1956 in the city of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Víctor A. Carreño works as an Aerospace Engineer and Aerospace Technologist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA. He is also the man behind the creation and development of the Single Frequency Multi-Transmitter Telemetry System (SFMTS). Although Carreño was born in the Dominican Republic, […]

Jacqueline Kennedy’s rare autograph

Jacqueline Kennedy’s rare autograph is one of America’s most coveted celebrities. Jacqueline was one of America’s most glamorous and famous first ladies. Unlike many of her predecessors, Jacqueline almost never responded to mailed autograph requests and almost always refused to sign autographs in person. As a result, truly authentic material with her autograph is scarce. Like her first husband, she […]

A great sink that can handle almost anything

You can’t go wrong with a ceramic sink because they can withstand just about anything. The various items that arrive at the typical sink to be washed can vary quite a bit from one home to another. Some items can damage the sink, leaving unsightly scratches and stains. A ceramic sink is very durable and the materials make it extremely […]

Apologies for not having insurance

Have you ever wondered what goes through the minds of people who have a car but no car insurance? Do you ever let someone else drive your car? Have you ever wondered while driving if the person next to you has car insurance? I think about it all the time. The truth is, there is no real way to know […]

Video conferences for online training sessions

Video conferencing is the current latest trend in the field of education, in the same way that most companies now expect to organize virtual trainings for their students. Smart Classroom and E-learning solutions are part of online training sessions that can energize employees in developing skills and challenges. Organizations usually organize training campaigns in certain places and ask the participants […]

CEUs for Nurses – Keeping Up With Requirements by State

CEUs for Nurses Many nurses wait until the last minute to take courses in their specialty to fulfill their CE requirement. However, a nurse should be aware that their state’s board of nursing expects them to keep up-to-date on the most recent technologies and therapies. By taking CEs, nurses can maintain their licensure. Fortunately, many hospitals, unions, and healthcare systems […]

Jimmy, pass the chalk!

There has been a lot of talk in the high intensity training community and on HIT forums about abbreviated workouts; performing a training of one or two series. Hearing this for the first time, the layman who hasn’t been trained in HIT fashion would dismiss it as a ridiculous statement. I guarantee you that this type of training is nothing […]