Why invest in the real estate market in Saint Lucia?

The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is beautiful, unspoiled and undeveloped. Encouraged by the government, tourism is steadily increasing year after year. This growing popularity has led to several new luxury vacation developments being started within strict environmental protection planning laws. The island wishes to encourage tourism while at the same time conserving its natural heritage from overdevelopment. To make […]

Persistence is the key

People who become leaders of their lives instead of going with the flow and accepting the scraps that life throws at them understand the power of persistence. Earl Nightingale, American author and radio host says: “Sometimes it seems there is a hidden guide somewhere whose duty it is to test men and women through all sorts of daunting experiences. Those […]

Five great attractions in Malta

No matter what time of year you go to Malta, there will always be something for you to see or do. Here are five places you must visit during your vacation. 1.) The Magnificent Grand Harbour: A visit to Malta isn’t complete unless you visit the Grand Harbour, and one of the best ways to see it is from one […]

Guide to car rental in Cyprus

Because much of Cyprus’ appeal is its natural beauty, traveling by car has long been the preferred method of transportation for tourists. Many of the places travelers hope to visit in Cyprus are not accessible by public transport, but are connected via well-paved, visitor-friendly roads that wind through the beautiful Mediterranean landscape. Find the best car rental deal When shopping […]

All types and advantages of pedal cars

The pedal car has been on the market long before you were born. It used to be made of quality metals and rubber and will cost everyone a fortune, which is why only wealthy parents can afford to buy one for their children. Through the years, it changes its style and now everyone can afford to compare it with models […]