The importance of customer retention

In today’s competitive environment, customer retention is becoming more of a challenge. Companies can no longer afford to become complacent with their marketing efforts directed at existing customers, particularly with the rising cost of new customer acquisition. An essential way to stay strong against the competition is to keep existing customers happy and continue increase sales to this group. Marketing […]

Hilton Consensus

Las Vegas Hilton SuperContestants predict that Sunday will be a real turkey for bookies and underdogs. Twelve games are scheduled on that day’s NFL undercard and Hilton’s consensus sided with the favorites in 10 of them. Underdog San Francisco, an upset winner over Matt Hasselbeckless Seattle last week, was an 84-48 pick over St. Louis. Opinion on Game 12 was […]

Role of a network in affiliate marketing

An affiliate link provides a third angle for the internet marketing business. The other two are merchants and website publishers. An affiliate network plays the role of merchant and publisher in online marketing. It does not mean that a network runs its own site or makes products for sale. Both merchants and publishers or affiliates felt the need for an […]

The innards of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Senator Bernie Sanders has expressed his disagreement with President Obama’s big trade deal. Organized labor in the US argued during negotiations that the trade deal would largely benefit corporations at the expense of workers in the manufacturing and service industries. The Economic Policy Institute and the Center for Economic and Policy Research argued that the TPP could lead to job […]

A sustainable life with profit

TIM Adams and Pip Watt live in an energy-efficient, sustainably built home that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and has no bills year-round. Tim designed his 7-star energy-rated house on approximately 7 hectares (around 17 acres) in Gherang, near Geelong, in the south-eastern part of Australia, in the state of Victoria. The house is equipped with […]

Visit Malta: a unique experience in Malta

The island of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is inhabited by 400,000 people and is geographically small. However, its charm and character are much greater, and some would find it hard to believe that such a small country could be so diverse and entertaining. In short, it is a place for culture, shopping, swimming, sports, spas, gastronomy, […]

Late Bloomers: Potty Train a 4-Year-Old

Are you over your head with worry that you still can’t successfully Potty teach your 4-year-old.? Has thinking about what else you can do keeping you up at night? Is it normal for a 4 year old to still wear diapers? First of all, relax. Her baby isn’t the first 4-year-old to still be seen walking around in diapers. In […]

The fish we cook, Wahoo and Cobia

Both wahoo and cobia are excellent at eating fish from the warm ocean waters. The wahoo of Hawaiian waters and the cobia of the Atlantic. WOW Due to its long, sleek body with a torpedo-like shape, the Wahoo is one of the fastest fish in the ocean, reaching speeds of up to 75 miles per hour. It is related to […]