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A lower cost alternative to the overhead crane: gantry crane

Overhead cranes are immensely popular for lifting heavy weights and lower cost gantry cranes are widely recognized. These are considered a substantial alternative to overhead cranes. These types of cranes are similar to the overhead crane only with the difference that it runs on a track on the ground or at ground level, not on an elevated track. The gantry bridge is supported by a pair of sturdy steel legs that are carried by a pair of wheelbarrows along the floor track. These cranes are accessible both indoors and outdoors in spans up to 150 feet and capacities up to 10 tons.

Since gantry cranes are made to travel on the ground, there is no need for track structure and therefore savings on concrete foundations. The gantry crane installation procedure is very simple and fast. Based on the environment and application, these cranes can sometimes offer the same material handling potential as a comparable overhead crane system, but with significant cost savings.

But, on the contrary, not all gantries will cost less than their counterparts, that is, bridge cranes. But there are circumstances in which they can be very reasonable and efficient:

1. When the investor is not in the mood to invest a significant amount in the structure of an overhead crane track.

2. When material handling equipment is required for the interior and exterior of your building.

3. When there is the possibility of changing the workplace and the owner does not want to afford a great loss.

Gantry cranes are easily assembled and disassembled, whether mounted or mobile. Gantries are profitably used in multiple industries. These cranes are available in steel, aluminum, or a lightweight model along with customizable spans and heights. Other crane variations include: container, overhead, single frame, rubber tire, rolling, semi and rail mounted cranes.

These types of gantries are classified into two categories: manual and motor driven.

• Portable gantry (manual)

• Adjustable gantry (manual)

• Motor driven gantry

Each type has its own benefits that could easily be compared to the benefits that bridge cranes offer. When we talk about manual gantries as part of your material handling equipment solutions, we say that they are lightweight, very expensive, and easy to assemble and disassemble. They are said to be more productive and endowed with superlative security. And in the case of motorized cranes, we can eliminate the need for tracks and they are easily transportable.

So we can say that investing in porches is not a bad deal at all and therefore if the owner does not have much to spend on material handling equipment then these are the best buy for him. Gantry cranes have all the capabilities and efficiencies that bridge cranes enjoy. But before buying a gantry, one should review its needs and utilization because if, to see the money, you invested in gantries and then you realize that your requirement for much larger cranes like a jib crane, then all your work will go to waste. .

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