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A Third Party Review Of The Pampered Chef Company – Is It Worth It?

What is Pampered Chef?

A kitchenware business was started in 1980 by a woman named Doris Christopher. Pampered Chef is now a multi-million dollar corporation spanning the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom and has since been able to attract the famous billionaire Warren Buffet, considered one of the most successful businessmen in history and is the shareholder Berkshire Hathaway’s principal and CEO, being crowned the richest man of 2009 until his massive donation to charities turned over billions and ranked him the second richest man in the world behind Bill Gates with a net worth of $ 40 billion.

In 2002, the Pampered Chef business was sold to Berkshire Hathaway due to its inability to keep up with changing industry standards and, to this day, it is among the top MLM companies.

And your products?

One of the most important things to consider when wanting to join the Pampered Chef Opportunity is your products, and I’ll explain why later in this review. Pampered Chef sells a variety of kitchen utensils ranging from a wide set of knives to different types of peelers, all to make your dining experience that much better, easier and more enjoyable. Since incorporating Berkshire Hathaway, Pampered Chef has now expanded its product range to home cooking recipes, specialty gift sets, and gift certificates.

So are they legitimate and how does your business opportunity work?

The Pampered Chef opportunity is certainly legitimate and very unique in its own way, as the compensation plan is very different from any of the usual multi-level marketing compensation plans that most multi-level marketing companies have.

Unlike most MLM companies, with Pampered Chef it is mandatory to have parties at home, since it is the only one to make money. So, going back to what I said earlier about the importance of your product range, since you can only make money by hosting parties at home, you have to cook in front of an audience to show the functionality and versatility of the Pampered Chef product range. .

The recipes to be prepared are chosen by the hostess, during which you, as the ‘chef’, must cook and explain how the different tools work and what makes them so versatile. Once cooked, while the guest has a tasting, the ‘chef’ has the opportunity to collect orders, book parties and answer questions. Then you make a percentage of the sales made at the party and a percentage of the sales made by those you recruited for your business opportunity.

As part of joining them, for a fixed price, Pampered Chef offers consultant kits that are of high quality and provide multifunctional products, catalogs, training materials, business management software, professional business supplies to market your business and a bag for easily transport products and catalogs to and from shows. They have two consultant kits available, one is priced at $ 65 with a value of $ 200 and the other kit is $ 155 with a value of $ 570.

Should I join the Pampered Chef business?

This is solely up to you and if you are passionate about cooking and feel that the products offered by Pampered Chef are of good quality. The downside is that you will have to carry all your cooking tools and recipes to the holidays and the higher you move up in your company, the less money you will make from the people you recruit below you.

So the best way to make money is to sell, sell, and sell!

If you are looking to earn income by building your business downline and moving forward in the company, Pampered Chef is not the opportunity for you. On the other hand, if you want to earn income from direct selling and by increasing commissions paid by recruiting people and producing great monthly sales, then it could be what you are looking for.

For your success,

Jason Perez O’Connor, Attraction Marketing Coach.

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