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Aion Spiritmaster Leveling Guide – Expert Power Leveling Techniques

All good Aion Spiritmaster leveling guides will confirm that the Spiritmasters path can be a test, the most dominant feature of this great class is the unique ability to summon many creatures from the elements, from which most of the of the power of the Spiritmasters.

When you begin your life in Atriea as a mage, you won’t meet the Spiritmaster, but with each level you reach, your quest will expand, your skills will grow, and you’ll find yourself one step closer to achieving Spiritmaster status.

Spiritual master’s choice of weapon.

Used by the Spiritmaster it is a choice of Book or Orb, the choice really depends largely on their own individual playstyle. The orb becomes a melee weapon when you run out of mana which in turn means you have to melee, a book allows for automatic spell casting so when you run out of mana you can still keep range, though the book’s automatic spell doesn’t. don’t hit as hard as the Orb’s melee attack.

Great at Soloing.

Solo play is very much the domain of Spiritmasters, with summoned pets able to deal with any eventuality. Summoned pets come in 4 different categories, Fire Spirit for melee offense, Water Spirit for ranged magical offense, Wind Spirit for melee magical offense and finally Earth Spirit for a tank role. We also get a Divine ability to summon a final pet at level 50, the Spirit of the Tempest (Asmondians get Magma Spirit).

The summoned Tempest pet is currently a hybrid pet.

He can take on the abilities and qualities of the Spirits of Water and Wind. With the ability to deal more damage than the spirits of water or wind on their own, as well as increasing defense and health points, the tempest becomes a pet with a wide range of abilities that combine with speed and speed. agility and great stunning abilities including:

* Pet buff is a skill that grants 20% physical attack critical hit.

* Damaging skill that now causes players to lose flight and stuns them

* A group buff for any character within 15m of the pet will increase physical accuracy by 100, and can also dodge by 200, magic accuracy by 100, and magic resist by 200 for 30 seconds.

Spiritual Master Professions.

I recommend a good Spiritmaster leveling guide from Aion for detailed information on professions; however, I decided to go for tailoring to allow me to craft armor as the armor crafted in Aion is generally superior to what I could get from quest rewards or world drops and secondly i decided to take Alchemy so I could craft my own Books (my weapon of choice) and Orbs. Alchemy potions are also invaluable, especially the extra Time of Flight pots when mining Ether! Any potions you acquire along the way will only help you level up your Spiritmaster.

Know exactly which areas to quest in, which quests to take, and which ones to avoid.

Hopefully the information and tips I’ve shared here were helpful enough to help you understand a bit about the class and how to level up. However, if you really want to level up, know where the best areas are, what exact quests to take, and how to get your wings and armor as quickly and cheaply as possible, you’ll need a professional leveling guide from Aion.

I highly recommend the Aion leveling guide that I have been working with. It has an excellent search and grind path designed to really speed up the process. I am a former Aion Beta player and it even helped me tremendously.

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