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Angels – The 10 types of angels and the roles they play in our lives

Our angels play a very important role in our lives.

They are assigned to us at birth and remain by our side, loving and guiding us, until we return home. There are many different types of angels, each with their own unique role to play in our lives.

Everyone loves angels and for good reason. They signify love, courage, strength and guidance. No wonder people get angel tattoos, decorate their homes with Christmas angels during the holidays, and make snow angels in winter. Some people think that angels only exist in heaven and don’t interact with us at all.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it sure is!

First of all, did you know that an angel’s wings are not used to fly, but to indicate what edge or level they are? Each phylum has a different colored wingtip. So you can always tell which angel is present by the color of their wing tips.

There are ten different phyla of angels, all with their own personality and area of ​​specialty. You can go to them at any time, depending on your needs. They all exist to help you while you are here.

Guardian Angels

The Guardians are the first edge. They radiate with love and glory and appear with a beautiful white light surrounding them. The color of the tips of their wings is silver. Guardians are our protectors and are here to keep us safe. They help us with our fears and phobias.

the archangels

The Archangels are the second edge. The four main archangels are:

1. Archangel Michael (Archangel of the South, Essence: Fire) 2. Archangel Raphael (Archangel of the East, Essence: Air) 3. Archangel Uriel (Archangel of the North: Essence: Earth) 4. Archangel Gabriel (Archangel of the West: Gasoline: Water)

Archangels have white wings with blue tips. Their main purpose is healing and they are also messengers of hope.

The archangels use a scepter to heal by touching us with it in the area of ​​our body that needs healing.

His totem is the wolf and his element is rain. His stone is aquamarine.

The Cherubim and Seraphim

The third and fourth level of angels are the Cherubim and Seraphim. They are known for their beautiful singing skills. The difference between the two is that the Cherubim have a beautiful singing voice and the Seraphim possess a vibrational/tonal ability.

Together, their music is indescribable and beyond words.

They are truly the happiest edge of angels. They have white wings with pink tips.

His totem is the canary.

The powers

The fifth edge of angels are The Powers. Its main purpose is healing. While the Archangels use a scepter to heal, the Powers use their wings to shelter you inside them.

Powers use their energy to heal. The electrical force that comes from them enters your body and heals you cell by cell. They are quite large in size.

His totem is the falcon, known for his speed and perseverance. His element is the moon. His stone is emerald, which has the healing color of green.

Its wings are white with greenish-white tips.

the scavengers

The sixth phylum of angels are The Scavengers. Its main purpose is to escort dark entities when they die. His only mission is to go back until a dark entity dies.

Scavengers protect our world and The Other Side from darkness. They are the reason why dead dark entities do not exist on earth.

His totem is the raven and his element is the wind. His stone is opal.

the virtues

The seventh edge of angels are The Virtues.

The Virtues help us with our life cards. They help us make changes to our graphics whenever necessary. They also help us with our life and our graphics on The Other Side before we come to Earth to live another life. They are an incredible line of angels who help guide us before we begin our journey here on earth.

His totem is the dove, a symbol of peace. His stone is silver and his element is water.

They have white wings with pale blue tips and a silver-blue luminescence.

The Domains

The eighth edge of angels are The Domains. They watch over us and permanently record our actions and good deeds in the Akashic Records. They usually don’t help us on the earth plane, but do their work for us on the Other Side.

When we need help, our spirit guides sometimes go to The Dominions instead of The Council due to The Dominions’ deep knowledge of our cards.

His totem is the cougar, which represents strength and dignity. Their element is earth, which means grounding and the lives they record. His stone is the bloodstone.

They have white wings with maroon tips.

The Thrones and Principalities

The ninth and tenth phylum are The Thrones and Principalities and are considered the highest phylum of angels. They represent the armies of Mother and Father God.

The Thrones and Principalities come to us when we are in any kind of danger. The Thrones are the army of God the Mother and the Principalities are the army of God the Father.

You can call on these angel blades to protect you or your loved ones when you find yourself in a difficult or troublesome situation.

The Thrones are more active than The Principalities, which act more like guardians at the gate. The Principalities are in charge of cities and nations and are the protectors of spirituality and religion. They have incredible power and grace and are the highest edge of all angels.

Angels encompass every area of ​​our lives and I’ll be happy to show you how you can take advantage of their gifts. Take another step to change your life in wonderfully profound ways.

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