Networks and Sustainability

Sustainability is more than a buzzword or trend. It is a lifestyle, culture, and state of mind that affects every aspect of our lives. It revolutionizes industries and creates a huge amount of awareness in certain areas. This includes not only our impressions on the planet but also in our businesses, relationships, forms of communication, etc. Various sustainability components can […]

Montego Bay – The Gateway to Jamaica

Montego Bay is known as the Tourist Capital of Jamaica because it is a very popular tourist destination, offering magnificent beaches and duty-free shopping experiences. Most international flights to Montego Bay arrive at Sangster International Airport, Jamaica, which offers duty-free shopping options. The city is also called MoBay and is the second largest island in the nation of Jamaica. As […]

8 Human Food You Shouldn’t Give Your Cat

1. Alcohol You should not share alcohol with your pets and cats. It’s not a laughing matter. Alcohol could cause permanent organ damage to the cat. There is a possibility that your feline friend will die. It is very important to keep alcohol related product away from your cat. Therefore, it is recommended to keep alcohol and personal care products […]

How to clean kitchen cabinets

Like most smart homeowners, you realize the impact the right cabinets can have in your kitchen. Selecting the perfect cabinets for your home is one thing; keeping them in good shape is another. Here are some handy tips to keep your cabinets looking as beautiful as the day you put them in your kitchen. Cleaning 101 If you’re like the […]

Web Design Basics

Web design is made up of basic premises, and if you understand them you will be able to design pages that impress and enlighten your readers. Basic Web Design Tips The following tips can help you create great web designs that work with your readers. Use small images like 10-15kb per image, yes it depends on the source but slow […]

Three New Tricks to Boost Sales Performance – From a Former Sales Trainer’s Casebook

Years ago in Australia, I worked as a training consultant for a major problem solver solving the underperforming Australian end of a major consumer electronics marketing operation. I worked with them for three years, twice a year, traveling across the country, 4 states, doing their sales training. The first trip was easy, basic technical stuff, and it’s still being taught […]

Lose weight now!

After gaining 80 pounds, I knew I not only wanted but needed to lose weight now! So here I am opening my own personal journal documenting my personal weight loss struggles. Compiling my struggles and tips to help create this article. It’s hard to open up, talk about weight gain, loss, and how it all feels. The physical and emotional […]