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Candida fast food diet style

Although diet and fast food restaurant don’t usually go hand in hand, many fast food outlets offer options for the diner looking for healthier meals. Even a person trying to follow the candida diet can enjoy a quick meal by avoiding sugars and starches and opting for the vegetables and proteins listed on the menu.

Of course, in a perfect world, one would always have time for a good home-cooked meal with lots of fresh ingredients and whole foods. But the reality is, fast food restaurants come in handy on days when you’re on the go or just don’t have the time, energy, or desire to slave away in the kitchen.

Fast food restaurants often get a bad rap, but just like the grocery store, most of these restaurants offer healthy and not-so-healthy options. It is the individual’s responsibility to make the right choices, and there are many food choices to keep the candida dieter on track.

The best game plan when considering fast food is to decide which restaurant offers the healthiest options. Obtaining menus online is an easy way to view menu and nutritional information, and almost all fast food places have a Web site to provide such information to consumers.

Compare menu items and ingredients and determine which restaurants offer items like salads, low-sugar salad dressings, unbreaded sandwiches, and good sources of protein. Even a hamburger can be candida diet-friendly when the bun is removed. Just ask for extra lettuce and use the leaves as a topping for the meat. You can enjoy the burger without the yeast-increasing starches found in processed white bread.

When choosing salads, remember to ask for grilled meat. Crispy breaded or breaded meat can be detrimental to the candida condition. Also, opt for low-sugar dressings like ranch or blue cheese. Sweet dressings like French, Thousand Island, and even many types of vinaigrette are often loaded with sugar.

Although many people assume that a salad is automatically healthy just because it’s a salad, the truth is that common salad dressings, such as sugary dressings, croutons, and patties, can make a salad just as triggering as a hamburger, fries fries and an ice cream shake.

Once you master the types of foods that work on a candida diet, eating out becomes easier. The staples of the Candida diet include vegetables, protein, low-sugar fruits, and some dairy products. If you can find these items on the menu and avoid foods loaded with carbs and sugar, you’ll be able to enjoy your fast food while keeping your body as healthy as possible.

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