Hip Hop Dance For Kids in Singapore

Hip Hop Dance For Kids Hip Hop Dance for Kids is a popular form of choreography in Singapore. It has been around for a few years and is one of the most recognised dances here. It originated in the 90’s and is now enjoyed by many local youngsters. Most people are familiar with the Caribbean bounce and the Mexican Samba. […]

Frugal travel tips for Los Angeles

Los Angeles, home to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, isn’t the first city travelers can associate with free and frugal attractions. However, for the thrifty traveler, the deals are plentiful. The Getty Boasting one of the best art collections on the West Coast, the Getty has such a large catalog of works that they have divided the gallery into two […]

My husband always compares me to other women, this hurts me, what can I do? Ideas to help

I recently heard of a wife who was being hurt by her husband’s constant comparisons between herself and other women. Sometimes he compared her to his sisters, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances. Other times, he compared her to complete strangers. She had been trying to ignore this for a while, but lately, it had been making her so angry and annoyed […]

5 ways to enjoy virtual reality

Technology is probably one of the best creations that humans have ever made. Technology is not only capable of connecting people, but it also gives us exposure to images, sounds and feelings that we have not experienced in our lives. With virtual reality, technology now allows us to experience an environment close to life in an imaginary environment. According to […]

Isometric Exercise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bodybuilding

What do isometric exercise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding have in common? You might be surprised to learn that isometry has been used in bodybuilding training routines since it was first discovered. Arnold Schwarzenegger was probably his biggest defender. If you’ve ever wondered how bodybuilders use isometrics as part of their bodybuilding routines, then … read this article and find out […]

Occam’s Razor: An Interview with the Author

A science fiction adventure novel by Michael James Martineau, author of “Let’s Get Rowdy!” and “SancZOOary” Located deep within the mysterious Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis areas of Andros Island in the Bahamas, this story explores the possibility that Atlantis once existed, swirled within a layer clairvoyance, psychic connections, and water-breathing visitors from another world, all of which was put into […]

Ideas for simple Halloween party games

With Halloween just a week away, we thought we’d share some simple and spooky party game ideas that your little monsters will love to play with and that take relatively little effort to put together: • Ghost Hunt: Cut out ghost shapes from white paper or cardstock (allow approximately 4 to 5 per guest). Hide them around the house and […]