KPIs and bonus KPI usage

Many companies and organizations are increasingly using key performance indicators (KPIs) to track various aspects of organizational performance. One particular application involves bonus KPIs, which are the key performance indicators that determine whether or not an individual employee is eligible for a bonus. First of all, though, what exactly are these so-called key performance indicators? For the term itself alone, […]

Things to consider when buying a cheap used car

Getting a cheap used car can be a great experience, or it can be downright horrible. It all depends on whether or not you are willing to do your research beforehand to keep looking for the best deal. Now that we have the Internet, you can easily search online for great car deals. You can literally find all the good […]

wind and solar energy

I think this is the best thing people can do in today’s economy. If you stop and think about it, installing your own power plant is like buying your car or buying your house. Yes! It is a big decision but you have to do it or you will never have what you want. So now you’re here thinking about […]

Live cheap and love it – Living in an RV

Is the recent economy making you live cheap?   Sure it is in our house. Take heart… he may be forced to spend less on housing. How can that be good?   A really fun way to experience cheap living is to live in an RV. Yes… this lifestyle is cheaper than a house… it’s much more flexible than a […]

Downsize your car to save on insurance

With the current economic crisis, people are turning to any avenue possible to save money. One of the most expensive costs of living is rent and the cost of running a car. As people find themselves in more difficult financial situations, they find that large luxury vehicles and large fancy apartments are no longer viable. One angle of looking at […]

Winch Vs Snatch Strap

In the world of four-wheel driving, most people are familiar with winches and boot straps. They are very different in many ways (including price), but they will achieve very similar results. A Snatch Strap is basically a long strap with some give, allowing the strap to stretch up to 20% of its length. The idea behind it is simple: When […]

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: A Step By Step Guide

Many people think that it is difficult to earn money through Affiliate Marketing. It’s probably because of the jargon and the use of technology like affiliate links. Some people believe that making money through direct sales is easier to manage. What many don’t realize is that the earning potential with Affiliate Marketing is limitless. Let us now take you on […]

Shop smart auto insurance for women

It has been a known fact that auto insurance quotes for women cost significantly less than those for men. Insurance entities may have considered women’s ability to care for themselves and be very cautious of the world around them. But that doesn’t mean you as a woman shouldn’t shop around for cheap car quotes. As prescribed for everyone, auto coverage […]