5 ways to lose 8 ounces a day

What if I told you to join a top weight loss program and gave you false expectations? Lose 30 pounds in 30 days. That’s a pound a day, what if after the first week you’ve only lost 2 pounds? Maybe you were busy and couldn’t make all the meal suggestions, maybe they were asking you for a lot of money […]

Investor Financing for the Purchase and Preservation of Real Estate

Real Estate Investor Financing Now is a good time to invest in: single-family homes, two- to four-unit buildings, condominiums and townhomes, as well as multi-family apartment buildings. For Real Estate Investors who are operating as a business purchasing residential properties to maintain and benefit from positive cash flow, only limited financing options are available. Now there are programs available to […]

Secondary Digital Asset Exchange Vs Digital Currency

The digital asset industry grew in size by more than a factor of two in the past few years, and the market is still growing. For instance, last November, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies was over $3 trillion, up from $1.7 billion a year ago. Digital assets aren’t without their quirks. In particular, the market for stablecoins crashed in May, […]

Types of investment risks

There are basically two categories of financial risk: The first is called Systematic Risk. Systematic risk influences a large number of investments over a broad spectrum. The 2008 financial crisis would be a good example. Virtually all assets were negatively affected. It is almost impossible to protect yourself against this type of risk. In other words, sometimes lightning strikes. The […]

Home Based Affiliate Business: 5 Secrets To Mega Profitable Affiliate Businesses

The success or failure of your home-based affiliate business depends on what you do with your time and resources (namely money, knowledge, skills, willpower, etc.). What separates successes and failures, in any area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, is due to that. What you do with your time and resources will determine whether your home based affiliate business is a success. To give […]

How small businesses can save effort and expense with QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks is the coveted next-generation accounting software that helps users with better financial management and easier accounting operations. quick books; Developed by Intuit, it comes in many different versions such as Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. You can choose what best suits your needs depending on the genre, budget and size of your company. An even more effective and cost effective […]

Is the future of e-commerce 3D photography?

3D photography and e-commerce go together like Strawberries and Cream, Jack and Jill, or Freedom and Whiskey, as Burns once said. Some may question this statement, and they may be right. The addition of mobile or interactive photography, be it 3D or 360 photography for online products, is already with us, but not widespread. The question is, will the two […]

Trading strategies and tips for binary options

Trading strategies and tips for binary options are information compiled by someone who is determined, disciplined and has the drive to put together a plan and follow it in detail, every time a trade is placed. It is very important to follow the rules when it comes to any amount of money you are trading for profit. Deviating from your […]