What to Expect From a Commercial Moving Company

Commercial Moving Company A commercial moving company offers comprehensive services for relocating businesses, people, and other items. These services include loading, packing, and arranging items. A commercial moving company may also be referred to as a removalist. If you have ever been a part of a corporate relocation or need to move, you might be interested in hiring a commercial […]

Seven clues to the mystery of Babylon in Revelation

From fear and fascination to faith and facts My first encounter with the book of Revelation was fear. Who didn’t feel chills running down their spine over the number 666, the “mark of the beast,” the seven plagues, and this dramatic representation of the end time? That fear kept me from wanting to know more about this book, although it […]

Important facts about companies and businesses

A partnership can be defined as an association of two or more people who have agreed to combine their work, property and skill, or some or all, for the purpose of engaging in legal business and sharing profits and losses between them. Partnerships present the parties involved with special challenges that they must navigate to reach an agreement. Overall goals, […]

Computer Security Tips – How Can You Choose The Right Protection For Your PC or Home Business?

Should you invest in a comprehensive computer security program, or do free antivirus and antimalware tools provide enough protection? Many experts these days really recommend all-inclusive protection as free tools can only protect you up to a point. Also, they usually come with annoying ads and slow down the system. The good news is that most Pro Security Suites are […]

The need to adjust accounts receivable

(1) Definitions: first we have to define some terms: * Accounts receivable represent amounts owed by customers who have purchased merchandise or services on credit and who have agreed to pay within a specified period or when invoiced. * Bad debt expenses (synonyms: bad debt expenses) represent customer amounts that are not collectible; Bad debt expenses are estimated and recorded […]

The lemonade stand

One of the best ways to learn about finance is to start with a real-world story that everyone can relate to, a story that even children can understand. The most iconic, if not the most fun, business enterprise of childhood is the lemonade stand. Setting a table and serving the neighbors a few drinks on a hot afternoon during the […]

The fallibility of psychological tests

Psychological testing has become rampant in all industries, even more so in the case of Information Technology companies, BPOs and ITES. Thesis The tests are used to ‘cast’ profiles of personality and competence. descriptions that would help companies hire the “right” candidate. The Human Resources department of most organizations is responsible for the administration of psychometric tests. The international body […]