Kindle Fire: Tips for Entering Text

The Kindle Fire is much more interactive than previous Kindle models and you often need to enter text, for example when you search your content libraries or the web, annotate text, or fill out web forms. However, entering text on a relatively small device can be overwhelming. This article explains techniques and tricks that will make entering and editing text […]

4 tips for a successful SMS marketing campaign

SMS marketing can be very lucrative. However, to be successful, you must adhere to four basic principles that govern the SMS industry. 1. Market segmentation Mobile devices are approaching 7.2 billion and are multiplying five times faster than us. Most of them, if not all, are SMS-enabled. With this little information in mind, every marketer should know that unless the […]

4 ways to advertise your astrology business (the secret is to start for FREE)

Who else is about to launch their astrology, new age, or spiritual counseling business? Are you looking for innovative, unique and profitable places to advertise your services … but don’t have a big budget to start with? The truth is, as you probably already know … about 85% of all professional astrologers, psychics, mediums, energy workers, and new age counselors […]