How fast can you lose fat?

Have you ever needed to lose fat, but fast? I mean, there’s a surprise wedding announced next week, and the ex who dumped you is going to be there, and you need to lose, like, fifteen pounds before you can even think about attending? An emergency can have you contemplating all sorts of crash diets and weight loss gimmicks, but […]

About hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnosis is a state of inner concentration and absorption and is usually performed by a hypnotherapist using mental imagery and verbal repetition. When you are placed under hypnosis, your attention is highly focused, and as a result, you are more responsive to suggestions that include behavior changes that help you lose weight. Advantages of hypnosis One of the advantages is […]

Put your baby to sleep with NLP

One of the basic principles of NLP is modeling. Now I am not referring to modeling fashion, I am talking about modeling in its truest sense, which is to copy something, to imitate. Babies watch what you do from the moment they are born and want to copy you. This is how they learn and develop the socialization skills they […]

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

So I had to find a way to have my cake and bake it too. This is not only a gluten-free cake recipe, but it is also sugar-free, dairy-free, and uses organic ingredients. So whether you’re celiac, diabetic, lactose intolerant, or just don’t want your thighs to move as much, this is the chocolate cake to dip into. I’ve also […]

An introduction to jogging

Jogging is one of the best exercises you can engage in. Runners not only see immediate results in their outward appearance, but also feel a physical change. So why are so many people reluctant to jog as a form of exercise? It’s mainly because it takes time and effort to get to a level where you’re actually jogging. Most people […]

beautiful bridal bracelets

When choosing your bridal jewelry set, it’s not just the necklace and earrings that are important. The ensemble isn’t really complete until you’ve chosen a bracelet to wear. Bridal bracelets can be dainty or bold, subtle or showy; It all depends on your taste. There are many styles of bridal bracelets available. You can select one that matches your wedding […]

Have you decided to quit coffee? Try these alternatives

Have you finally decided to give up coffee because you’re worried about your blood pressure, disrupted sleep patterns, or other health issues? If you, like up to 20% of the population in the Western world, have IBS, you’ve probably learned that coffee is a trigger. Surprisingly, decaffeinated coffee is also a trigger. It’s not just caffeine that stimulates the gut. […]

What can be done to soothe dry and inflamed eyes?

Ask: My daughter suffers from very dry eyes and red eyelids. Over the years, they have become inflamed intermittently and have become swollen and infected. She now she can’t wear contact lenses or makeup. Her wedding is coming up soon and she is very worried. Recently, her doctor diagnosed her with blepharitis. Do you have any advice? Answer: Blepharitis is […]

What you need to know about ready-to-drink protein shakes

People with busy lives often find themselves receiving sub-par nutrition. It’s not always easy to eat healthy when you lead a busy life. If you try to prepare enough healthy meals each day to get your recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, you could end up burning every spare moment preparing meals. Things get even slower when […]