Eat whole wheat pasta for prozac for cellulite

Cellulite is that mythical subject that is almost impossible to understand. Many proclaimed experts spread the word that they are toxic pockets of fat, trapped beneath the surface of the skin. Absurd! If it’s toxic, you’d be sick. It is nothing but fat, and that can be of two kinds. Bad fat Good fat For pasta, you have two different […]

Boxing gyms and how to survive them: 3 golden rules

Golden rules to survive and learn to box! Being an active and competitive boxer requires you to attend one of the many boxing gyms spread across many towns and cities in many countries around the world. Even in those countries where professional boxing is prohibited (for example, Norway and Sweden), there are a large number of well-run amateur boxing gyms […]

Tired of sagging belly?

Then attack with a powerful topical cream … Why is it so difficult to lose the flaccidity of the belly? As we age, excess belly fat tends to accumulate around half in most men and women. This abdominal fat is called Visceral fat and covers the internal organs of the abdomen. This fat is also very dangerous because it puts […]

Soups that can keep your health rosy

Soup is a liquid form of food that is usually served at the beginning of a meal. Soups can be both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The common ingredients of a vegetarian soup are water and vegetables. The vegetables are boiled until the desired flavor is obtained. In non-vegetarian soups, egg, meat, chicken, shrimp, or other seafood can be added. Some soups […]