Scripture and moral theology

A young Catholic growing up in the years before Vatican II would find it very curious to discover that the teaching of the scriptures is the “soul of all theology” (Richard Gula’s Dei Verbum, p. 165, REASON INFORMED BY FAITH). My experience as a student in a Catholic elementary school during the years before Vatican II is that there was […]

The importance of public safety

Public safety is a growing concern due to the dangers they currently pose to individuals and society. In all areas of public life, it is important to implement measures to ensure public safety so that health and normal life are always maintained. Some threats are really serious, and in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the concern for public […]

A guide to keeping desert iguanas

As with chuckawallas, desert iguanas are not typically available in the pet trade. Only Nevada allows the commercial export of this lizard. Several states allow the capture of some people with a hunting license. Not many herpetoculturists work with this beautiful species of lizard, but hopefully more will do so to ensure that captive-born animals are readily available. Taxonomy and […]

Parenting Arrangements Today After Divorce

The days when divorced dads would pick up their kids every other Friday night and drive them home to mom on Sunday nights may not be completely over yet, but they’re on the wane. Today’s divorced parents are changing the child custody landscape with continued cohabitation, nesting, and other creative and non-traditional co-parenting arrangements. Nesting Divorce can be difficult for […]

Balance between courage and fear in childhood

Courage and fear are twin childhood problems. Courage is the positive voice that tells us that we can do something, while fear tells us that we will fail or get hurt if we try. Without the courage to take risks, your child cannot fully develop responsibility, cooperation, intellect, friendship, or even love. But, without fear, our children would take unnecessary […]

Invisible child

Andrea Elliott is a writer who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2007. She looks for the best stories, even if they are the most complicated. According to the New York Times article about the author, she was passionate about exposing poverty and social problems. In 2013, as an extensive report for the New York Times, after the publication of his […]

Still waiting for a proposal?

Are you one of the guys or girls who have been in a relationship for a long time without a proposal in sight? You think you have found the perfect one that completes you and you have put everything you have into them! They have become the center of your universe and you would be lost without them! People keep […]