Secrets of a Millionaire Owner – Book Review

By: Robert Shemin, ESQ. (2002) ISBN 0-7931-4825-1 Book Price: $28.95 Prominent real estate investor Robert Shemin is a nationally recognized homeowners expert in the US and is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who became a millionaire at age 30 by investing in real estate. Shem earned law degrees and master’s degrees in business administration from Emory University, Atlanta. He […]

Is the next housing market crash looming?

SAN DIEGO, CA – “Buy low, sell high” is a well-known adage attributed to legendary billionaire investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett. Looking at today’s super-hot residential real estate market, it’s hard not to wonder how much longer this madness will continue. Buyers are in bidding wars to buy homes, multiple cash offers with no financing, no contingencies, sales prices tens […]

Consequences of defaulting on hard money loans

Hard money loans are a common way to finance a real estate project. In many cases, these loans can be used to purchase properties that banks will not finance due to their riskier nature. However, if you default on one of these loans, there will be consequences. This article looks at the repercussions of defaulting on a hard money loan […]

How to make money with properties without capital

As a real estate entrepreneur, you will often face problems without capital properties. This is because; will buy properties from owners who are selling foreclosed properties. This is the reason why most real estate investors do not buy properties without equity. The only way to deal with it is to persuade the lending bank to take less than the amount […]

The rules of money have changed!

Most people are completely unaware that the rules of money have changed! Still following the old rules, they continue to go to school, work hard at their jobs, and “earn a living.” These ideas are not only outdated and outdated, they are also very dangerous! THE RULES OF MONEY CHANGED IN 1971 The rules of money changed in 1971. On […]

What will happen to home prices: Immediate, short term, intermediate and longer!

Since no one has yet been able to discover a crystal ball that can consistently identify future and real estate-related market trends and behavior, it makes sense for real estate professionals as well. as potential buyers and qualified sellers/owners, to better understand some of the factors that affect home prices and prices. While the price is what one lists their […]