What Are BIM Services?

BIM Services BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. It is a method that involves a process of creating digital representations of building assets. These files can be exchanged, exported, and network supported. Many businesses, individuals, and government agencies use BIM services. These models can show the location of water, electricity, roads, and communications utilities. They also allow for the analysis […]

From Modesty to Naked Nothingness: Leaving the Underwear Revolution Part 4 of 4

“What was once fashionable will be fashionable again …” Japanese proverb In the first 3 parts of this 4-part series, we explore the beginnings of women’s underwear in an era of sexual repression and the evolution of underwear until the sexual revolution, allowing a freedom in women’s lingerie and underwear than ever before. existed. Now we will literally explore the […]

A brief history of the Larkin Soap Company premiums

John Larkin soaps John D. Larkin founded a soap factory in Buffalo, New York, in 1875. His factory produced two products, Sweet Home Soap, a yellow laundry soap, and Crème Oatmeal, a toilet soap. The soaps were sold through wholesalers and retailers. A new approach to sales In 1881, Larkin began selling his soap through door-to-door sales to residential customers. […]

Holiday rentals 1031 Exchange

We are often asked if the tax liability for the sale of a vacation home can be deferred using IRC section 1031 procedures. The answer to this question is found in Income Procedure 2008-16. The general rule of thumb for ALL 1031 exchanges is that the property should be kept primarily for investment or commercial or business use. In order […]

Haunted Hospitals in Massachusettes

Plymouth County Hospital / Hanson Tuberculosis Hospital is located in Hanson Massachusetts. The hospital was built in the late 1910s, primarily as a tuberculosis hospital. The facility was operational from 1923 until it closed its doors permanently in 1991. In 1982, the hospital officially became Cranberry Specialty Hospital and welcomed terminally ill people. In 1991, the last remaining patients were […]

Retiring abroad can be adventurous and financially smart

When considering retiring abroad or investing in real estate abroad, Financial planning issues, including taxes, insurance, investments, and estate plans. has to be boarded before leaving the shores of America. Here are some things to consider when looking to retire abroad and abroad: EXPERT ADVICE: The first thing that is required is to seek out experts who can help you […]

Gas station financing? Things you need to know

Financing gas stations is difficult, complicated, and therefore most conventional banks and lenders do not consider financing a gas station or convenience store. Why? 1) Gas stations, convenience stores, and the car wash business are a “cash business” and no business owner would report cash on tax returns. Therefore, it is impossible to check the cash flow and determine the […]

Finding a Home for Sale: Top Tips for Buyers

If you are looking for a home for sale in Christchurch, New Zealand, there are several factors to consider. We have some top tips for buying property in Canterbury, New Zealand. 1. Although it is a relatively small city, in terms of population, Christchurch is full of open suburbs with plenty of space and diversity to meet the needs of […]