cookie monsters

The name cookie is derived from the Dutch word koekje. The British call them biscuits, originating from the Latin bis coctum (sounds a bit risky) and translates as “twice baked”. (Not to be confused with “half-baked.”) Food historians seem to agree that cookies, or small cakes, were first used to test the temperature of an oven. A small spoonful of […]

Simple Christmas Tradition Ideas for Moms

Christmas traditions are something that we all cherish and remember throughout our lives. Take some time this year and make new Christmas traditions with your family. I’ve put together a list of twelve easy Christmas tradition ideas for moms. 1.) Use the 12 Days of Christmas theme and give your children inexpensive gifts for each of the twelve days of […]

Effective Academic Programs for Troubled Teens

Teenagers experience significant changes as part of the natural, painful, and interesting process of growing up. As they enter high school, they begin to deal with issues related to love, deeper friendship, family relationships, and more rigorous academic requirements. In most countries, adolescents often have problems related to their school and how they interact with their peers and authority figures. […]

The six hottest trends for babies and children

1- The fabrics have stepped back in time with large patterns accented in large circles and stripes in rich chocolates accented with matching pinks and blues. Going further back in time, Vintage Etoile patterns combined with matching stripes or checks are available in all colors from pastels to browns and blacks for crib sets, diaper bags and bassinet baskets. 2- […]

Holly Mann and Honest Riches 3

Holly Mann has taught thousands of people around the world how to make money online and build a successful home-based business working online. She is known as “the Mother Teresa of Internet marketing.” Her e-book, Honest Riches, has sold tens of thousands of copies around the world and has won the hearts of ordinary people who want to break free […]