The Page Boy – Cute and Crafty

Witnessing a wedding ceremony is not exclusive to adults. Conversely, the participation of young children as part of the bridal entourage is just as important. Wedding guests anticipate the departure of these adorable angels signaling the start of the ceremony. Dressed in matching dresses and shoes, often with flowers in their hands, these flower girls are fun to watch as […]

Christmas time: a season of memories

Ecclesiastes 3:1 Everything has its time, and everything that is wanted under heaven has its time: Christmas is one of the happiest times of our lives. It brings us together as families, where we create special loving traditions and so many loving memories. We all have special memories of Christmas past. I would like to share with you some of […]

All-time favorite toys for kids

Well let me start with a disclaimer. These children’s toys are my all-time favorite and many children agree. So if it doesn’t, I can see it as a sign of diversity in the universe. But if we agree with these children’s toys, we can agree with many more! DC Comics Boys Action Set, Trio, Dress Up Trunk Strictly speaking, this […]

Why do the kidnappers drive white vans?

I recently read an article about a teenage girl who was kidnapped and held captive for 30 days. Fortunately, the young woman escaped from captivity and is now reunited with her family. As a mother of two girls, the story moved me to the core. She made me angry and scared me. To the point that I not only want […]

First steps towards a happy life as a minimalist

While I refrain from paying for Hulu and Netflix services, I’ve been exploring more deeply what YouTube has to offer. It’s interesting what you find that you connect with when you curate your own entertainment. One community or trend that I have been following is the small house and minimalist trends. I was raised by minimalists and have always been […]

How to connect cell phone to PC?

These days, people rely more and more on technology. This is particularly true in the case of communications technology. I remember the days when I hadn’t even seen a cell phone. Today I consider it a serious breach of duty to walk out the door of my house without being completely 100% reachable every minute of every day. This state […]

Top 5 Awesome Gifts For Kids This Christmas

Boys can be a bit trickier in choosing gifts compared to girls. When shopping for gifts for a son, nephew, or any special little kid in your life, it’s important to make sure you’re getting something that’s age-appropriate, safe, and most of all, super cool and fun! You can find all of these selections on Amazon! Here are the top […]