What is the true meaning of success?

People naturally link success with talent, money, power, charm, vitality… and that’s why we believe that successful people are those who are intelligent, rich, influential, sensual and vigorous. However, this is not always true. There are two conditions that govern our lives; – At any given moment we are sharing or receiving. In fact, sharing, or in other words “giving […]

Ah, Odessa, the pearl by the sea

Outstanding historical architecture, laughter, luxury hotels, first-class restaurants and nightclubs, sophistication, friendly atmosphere and magnificent sunny beaches – all this is Odessa! Ukraine’s largest merchant port, Odessa, is located in a bay in the northwestern corner of the Black Sea, between the Dnieper and Dniester estuaries. It was founded by Catherine the Great in 1794, on the site of the […]

For the Love of the Game: Trading and Collecting Custom Baseball Pins

There’s no denying it: Americans love to collect things. The treasures we label as keepsakes add unique flourishes to our personalities and meaningful meaning to our lives. For parents and Little League baseball players, this phenomenon is just as important. However, it is not about baseball cards, gloves, bats, caps, jerseys or autographs. This particular group is passionate about collecting […]

NFL System Focus #22: Playbook Execution Penalties

There is no question that passing and rushing statistics are the predominant tool of choice for handicappers looking to assess team strength and point spread accuracy for any given game. My analysis is no different in some respects: Many of my situations are based on fundamental ratings like ROF and PDE that use yards per play stats to reveal situations […]

Sports teams: handicap for the everyday bettor

Four very important areas to focus on when betting on NFL games. 1. NFL Parity – The NFL focuses each year on parity between the teams. On any given weekend, any team can win. Why not score some points with your selections? 2. A win is a win: Unlike college football, most teams (except New England) don’t try to run […]

How to play washing machine toss and its benefits

If you are looking to play a fun and interactive game, then playing the game toss the washing machine is certainly a wonderful idea. This game has been around for a long time and is still very popular all over the world. If you don’t know how to play the game yet, no problem as its rules are relatively easy […]