A new definition of science: the textual basis that represents the real world

Wikipedia defines science as follows. Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. Definitions from various sources have to do with knowledge, research, study, observation, experimentation, laws, structure, behavior, explanation, and systematization. They describe science and scientific activities, rather than what the company is. What does science […]

Leading change in a global environment

Global affairs are often unstable. This month, the Japanese stock market is reeling again, capping its worst performance in a week since the 2008 global financial crisis. Japan is not alone in its underperforming markets. However, globalization has connected countries through various elements. Financial markets are no exception. This article explores issues of change in a global environment and discusses […]

Samsung Qwerty Facebook Phone – Samsung B3310

The Samsung B3310 is one of the coolest mobile phones that the Samsung mobile house has to offer. Gadget lovers around the world have liked the superior design and functionality of the new B3310, which is available in pink and blue. This latest Samsung mobile phone offers many amazing functions and applications. The shape of the B3310 is unique in […]

Top 10 Elements in App UI Design

App elements are like your company’s customer relationship people. They speak the language of your application in a simple way. They act as tourist guides for the different windows of the application, propose action items and provide company to users while some items are loaded. They diligently take input from customers, also known as application users. Here are the top […]

Seven major changes to the iPhone 7

Compared to previous Apple products, the new iPhone 7 brings seven major changes, including jet black, headphone jack, waterproof home button, dual cameras, new CPU, and longer battery life. First of all, the most obvious feature of this new iPhone 7 is the jet black body color. A pristine, mirror-like surface and high-gloss finish make it look eye-catching and extraordinary. […]

Better understand the cache

The cache can look a lot like the Matrix, it’s everywhere and nowhere. It’s in our favorite web browsers, on all of our devices, routers, on our servers, and it runs on our websites. The cache can even be the basis of the methodology for CDN (Content Delivery Network). Without the different caching elements, the Internet would make DSL look […]

Difference between custom and ready-made frames

There is a song or adage that says “A picture paints a thousand words”. Some people even frame these printed images for display and reflective purposes. But how do you choose the best framework for it? Should I go for the ready-made ones or make a custom frame? Before deciding which framework to choose, you must first understand the difference […]

Android VS iOS app testing

Now people live in the digital century – the age of mobile devices, electronic gadgets, IoT products, wireless connections, electronic entertainment services, and so on. People use mobile devices for various purposes: obtaining information, paying bills, communicating with friends, solving business tasks, playing games, etc. Each mobile device requires a special software program that will ensure the correct operation of […]