The do-it-yourself approach to music

DIYMusic The music business has changed dramatically over the years and since the 1960s, bands and artists have always relied on signing with record labels, managers and publishers, and many still do today. So what has changed? The internet has changed everything, with digital mp3 sites popping up in droves each year, allowing artists and small labels to release and […]

What are ethanol engines and how do they work?

Ethanol is a fuel source that is actually extracted from plants, such as corn or sugar cane, and then refined into alcohol. This alcohol is suitable to be used as biofuel to feed all kinds of vehicles and equipment. When it comes to cars, ethanol fuel is widely used in hybrid vehicles with “flex fuel” engines. Surprisingly, there are several […]

A Copernican revolution in the American economy!

$4 BILLION DOLLARS! On average, that’s how much the US economy grows annually. That is, on average, how much new value is created each year by the US economy. 330 MILLION! That’s the approximate population of the US in 2021. So if you divide $4 trillion dollars by 330 million people, you’ll find that, on average, the US economy is […]

Is there a wholesale store for you?

Attractiveness of the Regional Wholesaler Regional wholesale markets provide easy access to merchandise. They are especially useful for new retailers. These wholesale markets sell a variety of products and give retailers a taste of upcoming trends. The appeal of wholesale markets lies in the ability to see the products first hand. Regional Location Most of the permanent wholesale markets are […]

Considering a junior golf membership? Engage young players with this history lesson

Kids these days often seem to have no appreciation for the history of golf. Unfortunately, with their smartphones and video games, many modern children don’t get much interaction with sports. However, for those youngsters interested in learning from the stories of the past, golf has a lot to teach. These are just a few highlights of the game’s exciting story […]

Choose beneficial fermented foods

Many vegetables are grown in a distant fertile valley. Almost as soon as they are harvested, they are quick frozen and transported by refrigerated truck to a nearby supermarket. You have a freezer at home and the delivery of healthy and nutritious vegetables from farm to consumer is easily completed. Refrigerated trucks keep freshly picked vegetables viable long enough to […]