NASCAR’s Jack Roush Rescue

It was Friday night, and Larry and Donna Hicks were about to watch the six o’clock news at their lakeside home in Palos Verdes Estates, outside of Troy, Alabama. Hicks was a 52-year-old retired Marine sergeant major, now working as a conservation officer for the state of Alabama. He had come home from work half an hour earlier, and he […]

How you can participate in Fear Factor

Have you always dreamed of participating in a reality show? Here is your chance. Fear Factor Live is a stunt show on Universal Studios Tours where volunteers are part of the audience. Since there are three to five shows every day, there is a good chance that you will be able to participate in it. Of course, there are some […]

Why you should pick up after yourself

Are you a neat? Then you don’t need to read this, unless you want to use it to annoy someone for their lack of neatness. Are you a bum, perhaps? Something in between? Everyone makes up reasons to justify being the way they are, so you probably think you’re not perfect, but you’re not that bad either. Here’s how to […]

guava liqueur

Throughout history, people all over the world have made alcoholic beverages using indigenous ingredients. Guavaberry liqueur is one of the most unique examples of this universal effort. Made in various locations in the Caribbean, the concoction is usually associated with St. Maarten, where it is considered the national drink. Plant Contrary to its name, guava is not related to guava […]

Are there alligators in Myrtle Beach?

As real estate agents in the Myrtle Beach and The Grand Strand area, we often receive routine questions from prospective homeowners about homes, neighborhoods, schools, weather, etc. However, this question from a lady in Europe took us by surprise. Q: Are there lizards in Myrtle Beach? A: Myrtle Beach is known worldwide for sun, sand, surf, fun, restaurants, nightlife, golf […]

When bed bugs check in, guests leave!

Bedbugs!!! Avoid this hotel! warns Hoteliers are finding that advertisements posted on popular travel review sites can be disastrous for business. A luxury hotel saw its five-star rating on Yahoo! Trips plummet a star overnight as guests reported sharing their bed with bed bugs. Increasingly, distraught guests whose sleep has been disturbed by the tiny blood-sucking pests are visiting […]

What is a composite baseball bat?

Composite baseball bats are here to stay, so know them, live them and love them. Stronger and lighter than high-grade aluminum, composite baseball bats are made of a graphite fiber composite material or have a graphite-clad aluminum core. The main advantage of the composite is that it is lighter than aluminum and therefore provides a larger barrel and sweet spot […]