Holidays, hotels and activities in Las Vegas

Booking your vacation doesn’t have to be a time consuming headache. In Las Vegas you have the opportunity to play slots and roulette, visit the pinball hall of fame or try your hand at indoor skydiving! There are also other attractions like the famous musical water fountains and you can even visit “Elvis” or have a nice relaxing massage. Once […]

Sara Groves – Her Christian College Experience

Christian recording artist Sara Groves answered questions for The Christian Connector, Inc. related to her own Christian college experience. Below you will find a series of questions from The Christian Connector (CC) and answers from Sara (SG). Our hope is that Sara’s experience at the Christian college she attended will be an encouragement to you. Sara attended the same Christian […]

Vacation home rental

If you want to get away on vacation, but are upset by the price of paying for two hotel rooms just to house your entire family, you may want to look at less expensive options that can actually offer you more space and a more private environment. stay no matter where you go for your family vacation. You may not […]

Earthquake insurance in California

When water began draining from New Orleans in 2005, we learned that most New Orleans homeowners did not have flood insurance, since they were supposedly in “low risk” areas. More than 60% of homeowners will need to rely on their own savings and limited federal assistance to rebuild New Orleans, at an uncalculated cost to homeowners and taxpayers. Could that […]