Choose good hotels in Goa during the New Year

With the New Year approaching, everyone has a list of resolutions and expectations. Goa is a hub for partying, fun and fun, the new year in Goa always hits the peak of the celebrations, with many travelers and backpackers coming from across the country and also from all over the world. Even the hotels in Goa come up with exciting […]

It is good not to be good

What a fucking year this has been! We have all been beaten and tossed like a piece of driftwood in a tumultuous sea of ​​chaos, confusion, and uncertainty. It is a fact! Some of us have been hurt more than others, but through it all, it’s been terribly hard on each and every one of us in some way! Depression […]

Romantic Weekend Getaway at Hartebeespoort Dam

When planning a romantic weekend getaway, there are some important things to consider, such as the location, the ambience of the chosen accommodation, and the total cost involved. location is important The ideal location should be within a reasonable travel time from your place of residence. When you have the opportunity to spend a short period of time, such as […]

There is some magic in Cape Town!

In the late 1970s, David Gore was studying law at the University of Cape Town and earning a living entertaining young audiences with his magic and illusion performances. With him, his fellow student and entertainer Jonathan Proctor. The two UCT students noted a great desire to learn ‘magic’ among young people and discussed the possibilities of teaching these young people […]

How to know when scammers are calling

Most phone sales calls are made by legitimate companies promoting legitimate products or services. But where honest businesses look for new customers, so do scammers. Toll fraud is a multi-billion dollar business that involves selling everything from bad or non-existent investments to selling misrepresented products and services. If you have a phone, you are a prospect, becoming a victim is […]

Dental service in Dubai

Compared to other developed nations, medical care in Dubai is of a very high quality. Hospitals (both private and public) have the latest advances, modern facilities, competent doctors and medical staff. People in Dubai have easy access to all their medical needs. In fact, the doctor to patient ratio is very high in Dubai. The same goes for dental service […]

Fidel Castro’s latest crisis – Sports defections

The Embassy I don’t remember the exact year, of course, but I know what happened. As a teenager he was a fan of Cuban Olympians like Mireya Luis (who was a spectacular volleyball player), Magaly Carvajal and Alberto Juantorena. And that was not all. My bedroom became a “Cuban sports museum.” On the wall were many photos of Cuba’s idols, […]