cheap custom wheels

Looking for cheap custom wheels? Cheap custom wheels don’t have to be shoddy. Cheap wheels can mean great looking custom wheels for a low price. Here’s how to find them!

Many of the custom wheel manufacturers change their line of custom wheels frequently. When they do, they are often left with old material. Many of these custom wheels are sold at “discount wheel stores.” Online discount wheel stores are the place to buy cheap custom wheels. Visit discount wheel stores online and compare prices. You don’t have to settle for tooth and scratch sales. You can find great looking custom wheels from last year at a price you can afford.

It’s not that unusual to find custom wheels selling from around $100.00 to $150.00 each, especially if you own a small import tuned car. Here are some sample tire prices by manufacturer for custom tires that will fit a 2001 Honda Accord.

Manufacturer ASA (Artisan Spirited Alloy) makes a custom model JS1 wheel that sells on a website for $99.00. This wheel is silver with a machined lip and the size we quoted was 17X7. TRMotorsport’s RB5 model is a bright silver painted wheel that retails for $124.00 in size 17X7. Also, don’t forget about eBay for cheap custom wheels.

You can save hundreds of dollars simply by taking some time to compare the discount car tire deals you can find online. Many online car dealers offer their balanced wheels and free shipping. Something to consider if you want a great custom look without the expensive payments.

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