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Creating repeatable business growth

Combine the power of today’s social media with the constant need for business growth and you get a wealth of:

  • Hoping for success

  • Wishing things “went viral”

  • Comparing to someone else who “went big”

  • Be willing to pay exorbitant amounts for social media experts.

  • Advocating for growth

But the recipe for business growth has not changed. It remains the same:

  1. define what you want

  2. find out how to get what you want

  3. and then do it

Instead of waiting and wishing For success, wouldn’t it be better to control the process? Then you can press the REPEAT button as often as you like.

Fortunately, you can get the business growth you want and need, time after time. Whatever your industry, the goal is business growth.

Here you will know how you can do it:

STEP # 1: Define what you want

Starting at the top, do you know what you want? Are you looking for awareness, prospects, referrals, authority, respect, recognition, local networks, open doors, branding, more sales, retention, upsells, or something else?

Make sure you know exactly what you need. Specifically, what is it that will take your business to the next level? What will cause the exponential growth you are looking for? What exactly did you want to “go viral” and how would that have helped you?

Once you know what your business needs, the next step is figuring out how to get it.

STEP # 2: Find out how to get what you want

Mike had an urgent need: RETENTION. Together, we created a book (cost to print was less than $ 1 / bk) that was delivered to their clients. The book explains the benefits of the nutritional supplements that Mike’s company created and sold. Each supplement order included the small book, which increased retention as people became more knowledgeable about the product. As a result, the company’s profits increased by $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 per month because customers stayed on the product for an additional 2-3 months.

Dave wanted one thing: more SALES of his core product (a $ 2,000 leadership program). We created a book (less than $ 1 / bk to print) that was sold to their franchise sales representatives (for $ 3 / bk), who in turn delivered the books to their prospective customers. Business skyrocketed! The leadership program sold out faster than ever. Dave quickly reprinted 5,000 more books and repeated the process.

Beth wanted more BUSINESS. As a commercial architect, she was always looking for more jobs, leads, and references. We created a full-color children’s book with a glossy hard cover that costs about $ 5 / book to print. Everyone you did business with received a copy. And when customers went home and read her book to their children, they couldn’t help but remember Beth! And I recommend it! And his business grew.

Chris needed a JOB. We created a small book (at about $ 4 / bk to print) that turned 8 job interviews into 8 job openings. His challenge became which job to choose.

Bill wanted REFERENCES. As a home inspector, he wanted all the businesses he could handle. She bought a DIY book on home maintenance (for about $ 10) and gave it to her clients as a little “thank you for your business.” A client referred Bill to all the people he knew who were selling or buying a house. A $ 10 book turned into countless references!

The stories are endless, but each of these real-life examples showcases the incredible power of repeatable business growth. For more retention, sales, business, jobs, or referrals, all of these people need to press their own REPEAT button!

They know what they want and they know how to get it. Its growth is repeatable!

STEP # 3: Then do it

When you know exactly what you need to grow your core business, and you have a proven way to get the growth you want, all that’s left is to do it. And then you can do it as many times as you want. REPEAT … REPEAT … REPEAT is now at your fingertips!

This is so much better than any “viral” hit because you are the one in control. You created it and that means you are in charge. You can modify and refine it. And you can do it over and over again.

Repeatable business growth is real, steady growth with money in your pocket. Is that what you want!

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