Do men ignore you to test you? 7 reasons why men tend to ignore women from time to time

There has been an ongoing debate on this topic for years. Do men ignore you because they just want to test you? Or are there other reasons behind this strange behavior?

To know the level of your interest in him.
If this particular guy has been ignoring you but you can sense that he likes you, then there’s a chance he’s just assessing your feelings for him. He wants to appear disinterested so he can look into the distance and observe you. Once you seem too affected, then this is a confirmation of your attraction to him.

Are you ready to chase?
Women are often the ones who are chased but sometimes a man wants to make himself a little hard to come by too. If you run after him despite his treatment, then it will show that you like him.

The most broken promise.
Men almost always say that they would call and then you would wait hours or days and not hear from him. This is a guy who hints that he likes you, but he just wants to see how you would react if he doesn’t keep his word. Once you give in and be the one to call him on the phone, he will feel victorious for showing that you like him so much.

His eyes on other women.
A man can also ignore you by looking at other women while you are with him. Or if he’s bold enough, he might even openly flirt with them. This scenario only proves one of two things: he’s a jerk or he’s just testing to see how jealous you might get.

Your favorite sports.
He may also ignore you because his attention is currently on something that really interests him. For example, if he’s watching his favorite basketball game on TV, cuddling with you would be the last thing on his mind! And as his partner, you must understand that.

Group dates.
How infuriating it could be if you’re hoping to go out with your man and he shows up with a company of guys to go out with both of you! Once he sees that you’re all red and angry, he’ll realize how much you’d like to spend time with him, and only him.

Characteristics that need to be changed.
Sometimes a man ignores a woman not because he wants to prove her love for him, but because he just wants to put her out of his mind for at least a moment. If she’s a clingy, nagging, fighting girlfriend, then who would want to pay attention to her, right? She has every right not to talk to you when you behave that way.

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