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From Modesty to Naked Nothingness: Leaving the Underwear Revolution Part 4 of 4

“What was once fashionable will be fashionable again …” Japanese proverb

In the first 3 parts of this 4-part series, we explore the beginnings of women’s underwear in an era of sexual repression and the evolution of underwear until the sexual revolution, allowing a freedom in women’s lingerie and underwear than ever before. existed. Now we will literally explore the sexually charged underwear and lingerie that dominate the market today, or what I call the “passion boosters.”


Torpedo Bra– The Bullet Bra, also known as the “Torpedo Bra”, came into play in the late 1940s, which was quite popular with the use of sweaters worn by the pin ups of the 1940s and 1950s. Jane Russell had worn one of those bras in the Outlaw. The purpose of the bullet bra was to provide full coverage and support to the breasts. In 30 years, Chansonette de Maidenform, the company that launched them, sold 90 million bullet bras. The cone bra was revived in 1990 by Jean Paul Gaultier when he redesigned it as outerwear for Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” tour. Since then, bras have undergone many style changes, such as: strapless, t-shirt, padded, push-up and even transparent bras that reveal the breast nipples.

Modern pantyhose: Today, it is more than a piece of cloth that covers the genitals and buttocks. The panty in its many variants has become an object of sexuality. The panties a woman wears can make a bold statement about how she sees herself, whether it’s sexy or downright modest. Some women may secretly want to wear bolder styles, but are afraid to do so due to Christian principles or rigid moral upbringing. The wonderful thing about panties is that they have been designed in many different styles for every type of woman, from modest briefs to sexy open crotch panties. For example, you can choose to display: briefs, hipsters, bikinis, boyshorts, thongs, thongs, thongs and, of course, the “unspeakable”, the open crotch panties and edibles that are sensual and highly suggestive. By the way, the last two have become favorites among heterosexual and lesbian couples. So my dear friend, there is always something to suit whatever mood you are in.

Fashion designer Rudi Gernreich is credited with unveiling the first thong bikini in 1974. “The thong is a narrow strip of fabric that is placed between the buttocks and connects the front to the waist behind the wearer, providing a view full of the cheeks. “Today, the thong has become one of the best-selling types of underwear among women and is also worn by men. Women prefer to wear thongs to minimize pant lines when wearing tight pants. Most men are strongly attracted to a woman in a thong or thong.

Edible panties: This concept was invented by David Sanderson and Lee Brady in 1975. The product of this joint venture was a company called Cosmorotics, Inc., formed to manufacture and sell edible underwear under the name “candypants”, 100% underwear. original edible. “Within weeks of patenting your product, hundreds of thousands of pairs were manufactured and distributed. The sexual revolution was reaching the American middle class. The bedrooms were re-lit like candy pants, with its mischievous innocence, it made its debut. Demand exceeded supply as word spread like wildfire. “Candy pants” were rapidly filling clothing and lingerie stores, leading sales in department stores, candy stores, and motorcycle shops. communication thought it was a scandalous pleasure, to push edible underwear not only to the national light, but also to the whole world. Everyone wanted to see the panties that tasted so delicious. It is still so popular that they have a collection of underwear panties edible for him and her, how adorable.

Well, my dear readers, I think I have reached the end of this long and tortuous story. So I think it’s safe to say that modesty was immodestly eaten up by the 20th century sexual revolution, which pulverized previous sexual standards and patterns, while also introducing a modern understanding of sexual freedom among women. Since then, modern America has been publicly stripping.

Another trend that has started the sexual evolution of lingerie is the total absence of underwear. Not wearing underwear in the United States is known as “freebuffing” or “going to command.”

Although both genders practice “commanding,” my focus is on the female body. As for why women prefer not to wear underwear, there could be several: They experience a breathtaking, non-restrictive sense of freedom when they air it all out. Some find that tight clothing looks better without the contours of the panties. There are also women who feel sexual arousal when they feel the seam of their skinny jeans make contact with their genitals. The only problem with this is that you have to be careful with the zipper. Going naked, at least for young girls and slightly older women, is an invitation called “ready for action.” Simply telling a guy that you are not wearing panties will sexually arouse him to no end because there will be no obstacles for him to jump to get where he wants to go.

So for all those liberated women who choose to go naked and let it all air out, regarding those of us who still cling desperately to their Victorian-era modesty, I highly recommend the following:

1. First, maintain a rigorous daily sanitary cleaning schedule. Shaving makes it easier.

2. If you wear a dress or skirt to work, the hem should be no more than 3 inches above the knee, or when you sit at your desk, at least remember to cross your legs. We don’t all want a show.

3. When you want to pick something up off the ground, bend your knees to avoid paying too much attention.

4. Lastly and most importantly, remember to bring a pair of panties in case you have a lactose problem, coughing discharge, or especially when it is that time of the month.

By the way, with all this talk about immodesty and sexy lingerie, I wonder if I should reflect on a newer version of my own naughty clothing. Some of them look pretty shabby lately. But then again, maybe that’s a change in this age itself, so I think I’ll pass.

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