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Fun Foreplay – Classic Board Game Variations

Do you remember the fun and excitement you had playing board games when you were young? But now that you’ve grown up, they may seem a bit boring. Consider adding a spicy touch to the rules, make them fun foreplay and stimulate your sex life. Combine the thrill of intense competitive play with the intimacy and sensual pleasures of prolonged physical pleasure. With a little imagination, you can turn any ordinary game into an opportunity to enjoy sex. And, with sex on the line, they both win every time.

Essentially, any game for two (or more) can be enhanced by using sex as a reward for the winner. To make things even more interesting, assign intimate activities to various types of in-game events or outcomes. For example, landing in a certain spot earns you a passionate kiss, or getting a specific number of points entitles you to sensual pleasure. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll start thinking of all sorts of love ideas that you can assign to every potential event in the game.

By creating an erotic variation on one of your favorite games, introduce a variety of different intimate activities. Design them in a way that encourages him to try various types and intensities of stimulation for a total sensual experience. More exotic activities could be assigned to rare events or as a reward for exceptional skill. Since you both have many erogenous zones to play with, try to avoid excessive repetition of any specific sensual pleasure (unless you really like it). And of course, write down the activities so you know what’s at stake.

For shy or slightly inhibited lovers, playing a regular game together can help get you in the mood. Set up an attractive play area that suits the stimulating activities you have in mind (cushions on the floor in front of a candlelit fire, wine, and soft music are good). He then cunningly introduces foreplay rewards and in-game losses. Include removing clothing periodically and at a pace, being forced getting naked adds to the excitement. Build up the intensity by escalating to more explicit types of sensual intimacy as the game progresses.

Some examples of erotic game ideas based on classic board games are described below:

  • Queens Gone Wild is an erotic variation of chess with a special focus on the queen. It incorporates nudity and foreplay activities based on how the queen is played. And, as with many women, she can play this game over and over again. Although the ultimate goal is to mate the king, playing the queen makes this game more interesting. When a queen takes a piece, delicious pleasures result. When a queen is taken, even more fun ensues. Queens have the ability to come over and over again, for a price. Bringing your naughty queen back into the game will have you stripping naked to pay the ransom.
  • Erotic Risk is a risky game of conquest and world domination for lovers that takes you through an increasingly intense sequence of foreplay activities. The ultimate goal, of course, is to dominate each other and have fun doing it. Foreplay activities are done when you capture countries from your lover. As the conflict intensifies and more sets of cards are handed out, so does the intensity of the foreplay. You will strip to gain an advantage. Win by conquering every country in the world. The victor receives the spoils of war and becomes the supreme ruler with the corresponding rewards.
  • erotic monopoly is an erotic adaptation of Monopoly that allows you to buy happiness in the form of physical stimulation. Instead of renting houses, he builds pleasure salons and sells his special services. Sensual activities take place when a player lands on your properties and pays the corresponding fee. Each side of the board corresponds to the level, type and quality of services available. As the monetary stakes increase with property upgrades, so does the intensity of foreplay. You win when your lover has no money to pay for love and must sell you her services.
  • Sexy I’m sorry! is an erotic variation of Sorry! Incorporate nudity and intimate activities when package your lover. When she sends them back to the beginning, saying I’m sorry! it’s just not enough, apologize with sensual love. Assign each card number a specific pleasure technique to calm and arouse. And, when you come home with a piece (waiting in bed), your lover removes an item of clothing in anticipation of the activities to come.

Erotically spiced games provide an exciting and fun way to introduce sensually playful activities as a means of heightening your desire and anticipation for Great Sex. Sometimes foreplay becomes a routine path to sex without giving you the proper time, creativity, and energy that you deserve. These classic board games with a sexy twist can help keep the pace of stimulating activities. And, while you know the erotic possibilities at play in the game, not knowing exactly in what sequence or how often creates an element of delicious surprise. The competitive nature of the game combined with just the right amount of strategy helps build sexual tension (for a more intense release later) and heightens the excitement. Choose a pleasure game that you both enjoy and have fun playing together with or without sex involved.

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