How to Buy Diamonds Online – The 4C’s of Engagement Rings

The 4C’s of Engagement Rings

When buying an engagement ring, the first step is to get a physical appraisal of the stone. This is important because most rings do not have an appraisal or certification. This makes it easy for a shopkeeper to take advantage of consumers who do not have the proper knowledge to evaluate the quality of a diamond. It is also important to ask about return policies.

The first step in selecting the 4 cs of diamonds is to determine the carat weight of the stone. Diamonds with higher carat weights will naturally cost more. However, diamonds with lower carat weights are less expensive and can lower the overall cost of the ring. Hence, when you shop for a diamond, ask for a stone with a lower carat weight. Also, pay attention to the cut of the stone. If you choose a wrong cut, it can reduce the quality of the stone.

In addition to the cut and clarity of a diamond, you should pay attention to its clarity and color. Generally, diamonds of high quality carry a certificate of authentication. The fifth C stands for conflict-free, which means that the stone was not mined in conflict-ridden zones.

How to Buy Diamonds Online – The 4C’s of Engagement Rings

Online retailers offer a large selection of fine jewelry and diamonds at competitive prices. Some of them even sell lab-grown diamonds. Many of them have prices that are 40-50% lower than retail stores. They are also known to offer exceptional customer service.

Diamond clarity is an important consideration in an engagement ring. Nearly all diamonds are graded for clarity using an 11-point scale by the GIA. The grades range from “flawless” to “included.” In grading a diamond, GIA examines its size, color, reflectivity, and position of flaws.

Shape is also an important factor. Diamonds are cut into a variety of shapes, but the most common ones are round, oval, and princess. Round diamonds have a high luster and fit most ring settings. Additionally, they will never go out of style.

Before buying your diamond, it’s a good idea to visit a jewelry store and try on some rings. These stores have small collections of pre-set engagement rings for sale and a knowledgeable associate who can walk you through the process. Seeing the diamonds in person and talking with a real human can make buying a diamond the most memorable experience.

A color chart can be helpful when buying a diamond. This chart shows illustrations of each color, starting from the very tip of the stone toward the face. Different diamond shapes affect their color. Round diamonds tend to hide color well, while emerald and pear shapes show more color.

The cut is also a major consideration. A diamond with a perfect cut has a good brilliance, but a poorly cut diamond will be less desirable.

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