How to Get the Right Student Accommodation in Glasgow

Right Student Accommodation in Glasgow

If you’re thinking of studying in Glasgow, it’s worth knowing a bit about the city before you arrive. As Scotland’s largest city, it’s packed full of surprises around every corner – art, culture, live music and great food abound. There’s something for everyone here and it’s no wonder that many students find that once they move to Glasgow, they never want to leave!

Glasgow student accommodation is a big thing when you’re in Glasgow as there are both official university halls of residence and private property to choose from. Choosing between these two options will really come down to what you prefer and the budget that you have available. Generally, private Glasgow student accommodation tends to be cheaper and offers more flexibility but the quality of these buildings can vary from one provider to another.

The good news is that if you’re a student in Glasgow, there are lots of ways to help pay for it. You’ll have access to maintenance loans, which cover a large part of your living costs while you study, and there are also plenty of bursaries on offer too. If you’re unsure about the options that are available, check with your university’s support services team for more information.

How to Get the Right Student Accommodation in Glasgow

Official university halls of residence tend to be more expensive than private student properties but you’ll find that the facilities on offer are a lot better. You can expect things like onsite laundry rooms, gyms and games rooms as well as a social area where you can meet your fellow students. In most cases, these properties are located right on the campus of your university so you won’t have far to go to get to lectures and classes.

If you’re looking for a more traditional student accommodation option, there are a number of letting agencies in Glasgow that specialise in providing this type of property. Unite Student, for example, has four student residences in Glasgow, including Blackfriars, Thurso Street, Tramworks and Kelvin Court. These provide a range of room options starting at PS119 per week and include contents insurance, 24/7 security and Wi-Fi. Other letting agencies in Glasgow include Cairn Estate Agency and Happy Lets, which were founded by students so they understand the needs of their client base.

Student accommodation provides a unique opportunity for students from various backgrounds and cultures to come together. This multicultural environment facilitates cross-cultural exchanges, broadening students’ horizons and fostering a sense of global citizenship. The diverse community within student accommodations encourages mutual respect, tolerance, and the celebration of differences.

If you’re looking for a student apartment in Glasgow that’s close to the city centre, George Street Apartments is a great choice. This property has 89 individual modern studios and is only a short walk from the University of Glasgow. It’s also within a 20-minute walk of the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow School of Art.

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