How to reduce stress when renting a car at Alicante airport

Once you’ve landed at Alicante airport, the last thing you want to do is walk miles to find your rental car with kids and luggage in tow. So for those who are about to start a family vacation, the best way to keep everyone’s smiles intact and get to your final destination as quickly as possible is to make sure the car rental company you booked with is located at the same airport. This is also recommended for people who are disabled or traveling in a large group.

Among the plethora of Alicante airport car hire companies, only 9 of them are actually located inside the airport terminal. The remaining rental companies are based on the outer perimeter of the airport. This can mean hanging out in the heat waiting for a courtesy bus to pick you up for the short but tedious ride to your car.

The rental companies based in the terminal are Atesa, Auriga, Avis, Centauro, Europcar, Goldcar Europa, Hertz, Record, Solmar and Victoria. At the check-in desks, you’ll find the staff speak good English, and despite the general official closing time being 12pm, most stay open to accommodate those who are late or late. The cars are maintained to a high standard and are usually replaced every 6-9 months.

Depending on your particular requirements, each of these companies has something different to offer. If you plan to regularly use Alicante airport car hire, companies like Centauro and Hertz offer loyalty programs that can lead to huge savings and benefits over time. Once you’ve rented three times through Centauro, you can become part of their Gold Club, which means the checkout process is streamlined, gives you access to special offers, preference over non-members (especially critical during peak periods ) and even free updates (subject to availability).

Many offer roadside assistance, such as Goldcar Europa, which also offers fully comprehensive insurance (invaluable when dealing with unpredictable Spanish driving) and optional features such as child seats, baby carriers, GPS systems and even in-car DVD players. Most offer cars ranging from absolutely tiny to 7 or 9-seater minivans, but Hertz, Solmar and Atesa, one of the largest car rental companies on the Iberian Peninsula with more than 25,000 vehicles, also offer industrial vehicles and trucks. Unlimited mileage is also a huge bonus if you plan to really sightsee on your holiday and is offered by a number of companies including Record and Aurigacrown.

Deals are always available and many car hire companies have special relationships with certain airlines or do unique deals from time to time with them, so it’s worth asking when booking. Hertz, for example, works with Aer Lingus and Ryan Air to offer cheaper car rentals to their customers.

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