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Kane and Lynch Game Review

Developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive comes Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. This game is available on Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows. The Lions Gate movie studio already bought the movie rights to this game, so you know it’s got to be good!

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a spiritual type sequel to IO’s Freedom Fighters, due to the similarities in game controls, overall gameplay, game engine, and squad recruitment and management techniques.

In the opening scene, a voiceover reads a letter addressed to Jenny, a girl. It’s from her father’s Kane from her. Kane has been convicted of crimes that were committed in Venezuela and is on death row. James Lynch, another death row inmate, hints at escape plans during the trip, which Kane is unaware of. The bus carrying the prisoners is involved in a head-on collision and a group of mercenaries, later known as The7 (antagonist of the games), frees them. It soon becomes known that instead of rescuing him, it is a kidnapping. The two convicts are taken to a shopping center under construction where The7 is revealed as the culprits of the escape. They are after Kane and are out for revenge for supposedly letting them die and stealing the ‘retirement prize’. Indifferent to Kane’s repeated claims of innocence, The7 make Kane an offer. They state that he must find the stolen item within three weeks, or both his wife and his daughter will be killed. It is known that even if Kane is successful, he will be killed upon completing his task. Lynch is the go-between, informing The7 of Kane’s every move.

Kane and Lynch take a trip to the bank where they retrieve two briefcases containing a mysterious and unknown item in each of them. To his surprise upon reaching the vault, only a briefcase is found. Now they must travel to Japan to persuade the daughter of the crime lord Retomoto, Yoko, to help them recover the second briefcase. Lynch ends up killing Yoko saying that she wouldn’t sit still. This angered Yoko’s father. Once she escapes from Retomoto’s men, the story flashes back to Kane’s three-week deadline.

Kane desperately asks to renegotiate with The7 in Los Angeles. As Lynch questions his decision, Kane tells Lynch that he too is a dead man. Lynch has knowingly made a secret deal with The7 securing his life and a place in The7. As most antagonists do, they betray Lynch and knock him out. Once awake, he drifts in and out of consciousness and sees Kane in a shallow grave found on a construction site. The7 prepares to execute Kane, as his request for more time failed. The7 kills Kane’s estranged wife right before his eyes. The brothers go to Havana and Kane tries to talk to his daughter, who is dragged into the hole.

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