Komondor dog breed temperament, health issues, grooming and living conditions

Temperament: The Komondor dog can become a family pet, as long as it has a good, firm and naturally authoritative owner. This breed must be well socialized and thoroughly trained, and should be raised with any child from the start. This breed is exceptionally protective, with great confidence, as they watch over their herd or family.

Komondor’s instinct is to protect, and they will attack wolves and bears if they pose a threat to their herd. This dog has been bred to work and has an exceptionally high level of dominance. They have a high territorial instinct that can affect people and other dogs and they need exceptionally good leadership. This will require exceptionally good obedience training, as they have a strong mind.

Any owner should have that leadership status and have experience in dog ownership. The Komondor is easily bored and needs excellent physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis. Setting clear rules is an absolute must, and this will help the dog to become the best it can be.

Health problems: They may have hip dysplasia, swelling, and skin problems.

Grooming: The Komondor should never be brushed or combed. The hair is divided into strands and trimmed as needed. This breed requires infrequent bathing and the coat takes a long time to dry, from a few hours to an entire day, depending on the weather.

Living Conditions: This dog is best suited to rural settings, where long walks can be taken, as Komondors require extensive walks. This breed can live in an apartment, as long as all the requirements for walking and mental stimulation are met.

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