Live cheap and love it – Living in an RV

Is the recent economy making you live cheap?


Sure it is in our house. Take heart… he may be forced to spend less on housing. How can that be good?


A really fun way to experience cheap living is to live in an RV. Yes… this lifestyle is cheaper than a house… it’s much more flexible than a house… and you can choose your climate as an added bonus.


So the bad economy of 2009 is sending us lemons. Let’s make lemonade.


My wife and I lived in an RV for 7 years, 5-22 months straight. What’s wrong with fly fishing in Montana in July? Then see Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Park, before spending the winter in Palm Springs and Arizona?… I’m waiting… that’s what I thought… It’s a great way to live.


You can do it too.


It’s like you’re constantly on vacation and your motel room moves with you. You never unpack, everything you need moves with you.


Most RVs tow a car so you have transportation when you arrive. If you like pickup trucks, check out travel trailers. Or with smaller campers, your “rig” is your car.


What type of rig is the best?… It all depends on you. They all see the same landscape and breathe the same air.


How cheap is it? It depends on how many trips you do. The more you move, the more fuel you will burn. If you don’t spend more than a week in an RV park, you’ll also pay a higher rent. The daily rate could be $40 per night, but the monthly rate could be $500. So if you stay longer in one place, you will save on rent and fuel. It is up to you how much you spend.


There are many things you can miss when you hit the road. Let’s list them… your beloved snow blower… raking leaves in the fall… unclogging the garbage disposal… painting the house… I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Keeping a house is not cheap living, it can be a pain.


You have some maintenance to live in an RV, just like a car. Change the oil, air in the tires, same basic car stuff. You have plumbing in an RV, but it’s pretty basic and simple to maintain.


Worried about what to do living in an RV? Better question is do I have enough time to do it all. Probably not. You’ll find that the people at RV are friendly, willing to help, and happy to have fun and live cheap.


Well, living in an RV is the lemonade of the lousy economy… which would be the lemons. If there are parts of this beautiful country you haven’t seen yet, an RV is a perfect vehicle (sorry) to see what you’ve been missing. Enjoy.

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