Walking with the wise men

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but he who associates with fools will suffer evil.” Proverbs 13:20 Whether we like it or not, peer pressure is a reality for all of us, at any age. The people we associate with ultimately influence who we become. It’s easy to think that as we mature, we’re beyond all the […]

Are we reincarnated or recycled after death?

Most of us have read different opinions about death and what happens after death. But there is no positive proof of the existence of souls, immortal karma, reincarnation, or any other spiritual life. I have nothing but respect for different points of view based on religion, science or logic. But eventually truth and understanding will set us free. It’s not […]

Solar Battery Storage Systems

What is Solar Battery Storage Systems Solar battery storage systems are a great way to maximize the output of your solar panel system and prevent power outages. You can use your solar battery storage system to keep your lights on during a power outage or in an emergency. Having a solar battery storage system is a wise investment. It will […]

Basic Guide for Foreign Buyers of Real Estate in the USA

As the Great Recession slowly but surely fades with hopes of an eventual recovery on the horizon, foreign buyers and investors are beginning to look for opportunities in the US real estate market again. Although the housing market’s steady recovery is still a “work in progress,” many foreigners recognize that American real estate is “for sale,” plus the dollar is […]

College Mascot Makeup

As a spectator at a college football game in early September, my eyes swept the stadium as I walked in to find it packed with fans, coaches, cheerleaders, team players, the marching band, the media, and lastly, but not least, the school mascot. . I often wonder who is inside that cute (sometimes huge) costume and what it must be […]

Are you an investor, a speculator or a player?

What exactly is an investor, a speculator or a player in the context of the Stock Exchange or, for that matter, any market? Both the public and the media have often expressed themselves in vague and interchangeable ways. use these three terms. Comparisons are often made between their activities, but the terms are never explicitly defined. I could ask if […]