Pioneer GM-D7400M review: best mono amplifier with 800 watts for car audio systems

For some, a factory-built car stereo is not enough to satisfy their musical entertainment pleasure on the road; therefore, some adhere to upgrade the piece with additional amplifier. Just like its name, a car audio amplifier will amplify the low-level signal from your source unit and change it to a high-level signal to drive the speakers. This will bring more quality.

The best way to get a good quality amp is to stick with the well-known manufacturer. Like this Pioneer electronics car audio system with its GM-D7400 mono amplifier. This Pioneer Electronics car audio amplifier is designed to combine high power output and high efficiency. The result is Pioneer renowned hi-fi audio. This GM-D7400M mono digital car audio amplifier from Pioneer Electronics uses digital technology that makes it more than 80 percent more efficient than conventional class A / B amplifiers. This is because this unit is designed to power huge Class D subwoofers and their renowned efficiency and produce the heat or use as much power.

Pioneer’s GM-D7400M car audio system mono amplifier is simply amazing, it hits the speakers hard with its 800 watt peak power and produces great clarity, and more, it comes with minimal power consumption even at louder volumes. high. The 0.6 or 12 dB bass boost is a real thing that you can easily notice. With its variable low-pass filters, you can fine-tune your subwoofers for maximum performance. You can enjoy excellent bass function and at the same time have the gain at a normal level. If you are wondering about the size of this excellent Pioneer electronics car audio system, you will be surprised at how compact it is. As efficiency increases, the physical size of this unit becomes more compact and easier to install. At just 10-1 / 4 “wide, 2-1 / 4” high, 7-15 / 16 “deep, the amp really consumes little space and has a clean-looking setup.

The pioneer GM-D7400M includes inputs for patch cords or speaker cords, so you can easily connect it to other systems, like your existing factory stereo.

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