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Scanner – Computer scanners and imaging devices

There are two types of computer scan. One that is loaded onto your computer to scan for viruses and the other that this article is about. This scanner is a hardware device that connects to your computer and is used to send images to it. You scan images digitally and transfer them to your computer.


Computer scanners have become an important part of the home and office in recent years and can be used in many ways. Scanners are a computing device that analyzes images such as photographs and printed text and then converts them into digital images. When shopping for computer scanners, pay attention to specifications such as resolution, bit depth, sensor type, interface, and optical density. Look for computer scanners with at least 300 dpi; the higher the pixels, the better the image. There are different types of scanners such as drum, desktop flatbed, handheld, sheet-fed, rotary, fingerprint, planetary, and 3D scanners. Drum scanners are the oldest of all computer scanners. Make sure your computer scanner has the best software needed for your jobs. Most scanners come equipped with basic, but generally weak image editing software. It may be necessary to upgrade to a more advanced program to improve its capabilities.


Flatbed scanners are also called desktop scanners. These are the most commonly used scanners. Sheet-fed scanners are similar to flatbed scanners except that the document moves and the scanner is stationary. The handheld scanner uses the same basic elements as a flatbed scanner, but relies on the user to move them. Drum scanners are mainly used in the publishing industry to capture detailed images. You can also find scanners that are also a printer, it is an all-in-one.

Computer scanners may interpret the symbols as letters or punctuation marks and will not be able to

understand the text within them. But for digital still images, from scanners or digital cameras, only one image is recorded.

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