Secrets to Getting Deeply Discounted Theater Tickets in New York City

There are so many hidden ways to get cheap, discounted, and even free tickets to Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Broadway in New York City … some as low as $ 4.00! I have lived in New York my entire life and can share these secrets first hand! Here are my picks for some of the ways to get discounted Broadway theater tickets. Why pay more?

Automobile Club of America

Show your card and receive discounted Broadway theater tickets to Murdered by the Mob, any show at the New Victory Theater (fantastic shows for kids), The Lion King (my favorite), Mary Poppins, Radio City Christmas Spectacular and several others .

Broadway Box

This is an excellent resource for discount codes for Broadway theater discount tickets and off-Broadway show tickets.


The store that invented the 100-pack toilet paper also offers discounts of up to 50% at concerts, theater, and sporting events. If you are a member, please log in with the link above and click on Services, followed by Event Tickets. Who knows? Discount Broadway Theater Tickets at Costco!

Entertainment book

Use tickets from the Entertainment Book for an absolutely free ticket when you buy tickets to any show at the Abingdon Theater, the Women’s Project, or the American Theater of Actors.

Gold star

A free membership gives you access to a host of discounted Broadway theater tickets … and other great outings! Incredible site!

Hospital hearings

It offers very low-cost, discounted Broadway show tickets for those requiring physical accessibility, people with all disabilities, and the ‘On the Go’ senior guide provides information on senior discounts. You’ll also find helpful information including the location of passenger loading areas, theaters that offer wheelchair seating, accessible restrooms, transportation for people with disabilities on specially designed Omni buses, and more.

High 5 Tix

Teens can get $ 5 tickets to a host of theaters, museums, and concerts. An adult or friend can join each teen for the same $ 5! Given that it costs $ 20 to just get into the Museum of Modern Art (can you believe it?), This is a real find! Additionally, Blue Man Tubes are offered for 1 penny several times a year. (No, it’s not a typo!) Check their site often, as popular shows and events sell out very quickly. This is a great source for students looking for discounted Broadway theater tickets and more!

Hip tix

Young professionals, ages 18-35, can get $ 20 advance tickets to any show at the Roundabout Theater Company. Membership, which is free, also includes invitations to after-show parties with Broadway stars.

Hit Show Club

Discount on Broadway theater tickets (and off Broadway too!), Some with restaurants too!

Children’s Night on Broadway

Youth, ages 6 to 18, can see a participating Broadway show for FREE when accompanied by an adult who pays the full amount !! Children’s Night on Broadway is now year-round and takes place on select Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the year. In addition, participating restaurants will offer a free ticket for each child accompanied by an adult who buys a ticket at a regular price. This is a fantastic opportunity to show your children on Broadway. Your children will also benefit from seeing so many other children enjoying the arts!

Tix lunch

Receive a daily email reflecting the great “unbeatable” discounts. Offers available from 8:00 a.m. M. At 3:00 p. M. That day (at the end of lunch).

New York show tickets

A ticket clearinghouse offering 45% discounts, buy one get one free offers and rush tickets.

Ticket program for the school theater

You can access their website to request discounted tickets to Broadway shows. Or you can pick up your coupons at libraries and schools and take them to the theater box office or call the box office to get your tickets. You’ll find discounts on most of the best Broadway and off-Broadway shows.


Get half price tickets to theater, music, sports, comedy, family and other events. Simply register your email and you will receive notifications of available events, including many discounted Broadway theater tickets.


You’ll find discounted Broadway show tickets and off-Broadway show tickets for a wide variety of productions. Super options!

Play for play

Pay $ 99 per year and receive access to a daily roster of complimentary shows, sporting events, comedy clubs, concerts, readings, dance recitals, and more. Pay a service charge of $ 4.00 per ticket. The annual fee is paid on its own with the first use. This is my favorite club. Last year we attended many basketball games, the circus, a comedy club, a cabaret show, and various Broadway and off-Broadway shows. Even if you’re visiting for a week, it’s worth joining. Check daily and continuously; but generally after 1:00 pm. If you find what you are looking for, buy it immediately because events can sell out in minutes. You will have a wider selection of off-Broadway theaters most of the time, but the articles show up all the time!


A new way to save between 10% and 70% on great tickets to the best sports, concert and theater events, and much more. As a member, you have access to thousands of live events, always pay below retail price for each ticket, and never pay any fees. Become a member today … FREE!

TDF vouchers

Buy four coupons for $ 36 and get access to a list of off-Broadway plays and music and dance events with emerging talents.

Theatrical development fund

Pay a $ 30 annual fee and log into a wide variety of concerts, dance recitals, and more. Broadway, off-Broadway, off-Broadway, etc. The capture? Must be a full-time student, full-time teacher, union member, retiree, civil service employee, nonprofit staff member, performing arts professional, or member of the military or clergy . Broadway shows cost around $ 30, depending on the show, and there is generally a good selection. Is it worth the investment. I have been a member for years and have seen many of the best successes with this group of discounts.

Theater mania

Get great discount codes that you can redeem when purchasing theater tickets at the theater, online, or over the phone.


You can use Ticketmaster to buy theater tickets for almost any show, but in particular when you have obtained coupons for discounts. I prefer to go to the cashier offer to avoid the fees, but sometimes you have no choice. You can also use your membership card to get a discount through Ticketmaster!

TKTS discount booth

The Theater Development Fund offers 3 discounted ticket offices for show day tickets only. You will save from 20 to 50% on each ticket; generally 50%. You’ll find a great selection of discounted Broadway (and off-Broadway) theater tickets at these booths. Get to the cabins early. The lines are long but they move very fast. And … I’ve met some really nice people along these lines!

Theater extras

Pay an annual fee of $ 99 and receive access to a wide variety of complimentary shows including Broadway, off-Broadway, museums, comedy clubs, music, sporting events, etc. Pay a service charge of $ 4 per ticket. This group offers a wide variety of comedies and off-Broadway sports, sometimes on Broadway, similar to Play-by-Play. However, it offers items beyond Play-by-Play, such as gourmet and wine events, Met baseball tickets, and more. It is certainly worth the price.

Travel zoo

You may be wondering why I have included this site. No, it’s not a mistake! I encourage you to visit this site by clicking on the link above, then on ‘Entertainment Deals’ and finally on ‘New York City’. You’ll be able to choose from a host of discounted Broadway theater ticket deals!

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