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Social Media Advertising Trends You Should Be Watching

Social media is a valuable tool that brands can and should use to enhance their presence and build a loyal following. Companies that have successful social media marketing campaigns have a dedicated staff that stays on top of emerging trends. This alone can help your brand stay ahead of the curve and your competitors.

If your business doesn’t have an in-house social media team to keep an eye on, you can always turn to social media marketing services. Even with these services, it wouldn’t hurt to stay on top of industry trends. The following are the ones we think will take precedence in 2017.

Ads that use live video features

Live video streams are becoming increasingly popular with brands and consumers alike. You can find companies that livestream behind-the-scenes access to events and consumers who share their thoughts and activities. What we are seeing is the growing acceptance of live streaming at both ends of the spectrum. Those with large followings will almost certainly have thousands of people watching their live streams (if scheduled at the right time of day).

While this trend is worth keeping an eye on, there is another trend worth mentioning: live ads. Imagine a local baker broadcasting the preparation of his cakes and pies, then telling viewers to come and have a slice while it’s still hot! This had never been done before, simply because it wasn’t cheap (or easily accessible). The Internet has opened up new opportunities for businesses large and small, so be prepared. This is not a trend you want to miss out on – choose and hire one of the reputable social media marketing companies.

Remarketing with dynamic product ads

Again, online media make it possible for advertisers to do things that were previously impossible. In the past, we couldn’t remarket the exact same product a customer was previously looking at. In any case, your generic ad would show, but never an actual product that the customer was interested in. With retargeting, you can show dynamic ads that show the various products the consumer was looking at, increasing the chances that they will come back to make the purchase.

the chatbots

Today’s consumers seek immediate access to brands; this is why social media has really taken off for businesses of all kinds. Those who have a presence on social networks are the ones that prevail because that is where customers interact with them.

Improving the way your customers interact with your business is key to maintaining a high satisfaction rate. With the new chatbot feature, brands can engage with customers on social media and through their websites. Chatbots can be used to answer customer questions and even sell your other products and services. Surveys already show that customers willing to spend $56 per purchase were enthusiastic about using chatbots during the checkout process.

It’s hard to predict which trends will stick around in the long run, but one thing is for sure: this year will be the time for ad creative. Hopefully, you have a social media marketing company on hand that can help you and your brand pave the way to a newer and better form of advertising.

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