This is to make things clear. There are several explanations of CLUB SQM that appear on the web. Some of the items are quite illusory. Perhaps the acronym SQM takes on several meanings. Definitions range from a club featuring samples of health care products to a social organization featuring an elegant fitness spa.

I have realized the value of the SQM CLUB, which is a non-profit organization that measures Co2 emissions. They take readings from public and private establishments and help them where needed. It is a well-known fact that industrial organizations have been recklessly destroying the earth’s environment with an overabundance of CO2 emissions and other disrespectful practices. We see that this has been a reality since the industrial revolution.

“The Squak Mountain Club,” as it was commonly known from its humble beginnings, has been in existence since 1954. The first organization was founded by William H. Bonney Jr (a park ranger at Squak Mountain State Park in Washington, USA) and David File ig (a local botanist). Their success allowed them to move forward and change the name. CLUB SQM, as it is now known, is a non-profit organization that reaches out to the world offering a practical solution to Co2 emissions. CO2 emission is a primary factor in air pollution. The official transformation date of the club we see today is 2009. Its records reveal that members saved millions of tons of Co2 waste. Switzerland, in particular, has been the most successful country so far using the organization’s tools and resources.

The Club’s overall focus is definitely cleaner air rather than just making things for profit with no regard for our environment. Disdaining nature is no longer in fashion or out loud. We know that the planet is changing. Today there are clear signs of danger almost everywhere. Reports of plastic debris beginning to overload the 7 seas and ocean environments are changing wildlife and, inadvertently, humans.

People are more likely to take action against air pollution by fully understanding the problem. This is where Club SQM stands out and acts by providing individual and organizational solutions at a global level. They developed a calculator that measures the amount of CO2 that is emitted. This is how each organization can compare and take the necessary safety measures to ensure a healthy environment.

SQM CLUB membership is said to be just over a thousand members worldwide. Personally, I consider that it is not enough considering the consequences at stake. A problem as immense as the total destruction of the Earth is more serious than the average person could imagine. Hollywood has made movies that represent what would happen. Religious scriptures exclaim consequences beyond the scope of this article. The point here is that we can individually help prevent total disasters. The solutions are now found at home.

Yes, increased civic health awareness comes into effect as a result of the Covid -19 pandemic. The families were greatly affected by what I call “atmospheric contempt.” You can call it whatever you want, but it’s the same thing. The general population of said free world is in denial. It is wonderful to see some people focus on issues of such importance. A little over 1,000 people coming together for the purpose of securing an earth population of 7.89 billion is plausible.

Go figure. We need help. I am not a member of CLUB SQM mainly because I am not in the know and most other people have no idea. The CLUB presence is not as popular as Walmart or the CIA. I say this jokingly, but everyone really needs to understand what they should do about the pollution of the planet. Reducing the use of liquid chemical cleaners in the home is a start. I have found a new “inexpensive technology that completely eliminates the need for chemical cleaners” at home and in business. You can learn more about how to be safe by following my links

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