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The 6 most popular cars on television

Cars get their reputation from being seen on television. Some of the cars can have impossible capabilities and this is what makes them so interesting.

Chevy Impala on supernatural – This car was known as the Winchester vehicle. It’s definitely a standout because it’s on everyone’s list. Although the car is incredibly heavy and slower than most cars today, it is still one of the most iconic cars ever seen on television.

The Batmobile in The dark knight – Can you imagine a car like this on the roads? It might be perfect for crime fighters in our countries, but imagine how much maintenance it would take after a good crime fighting session. The Batmobile was equipped with all kinds of functions and we see that it also had the ability to fly. Was it jet fuel or regular gasoline?

The DeLorean in Return to the future – This was the time travel machine of the television world. At first, we saw that it could only drive, but in the next two movies, the DeLorean could go in and out of the future. It would be amazing if we could change the year we are in with a little light and speed.

The Cadillac Ecto-1 in Ghostbusters – When this car was seen on the streets of New York, it meant that the Ghostbusters were here to save the city from a troublesome ghost. With all those devices connected, they were safe wherever they went. Until they had to reload their equipment.

The mysterious machine in Scooby Doo – Originally, Scooby-Doo was an animated television series for children. With the live action reboot, we were able to re-imagine the truck as a real car. The cartoon series always had a human behind the mask, but in the first live-action reboot we saw a little pup talking like the bad boy controlling strange entities.

Mutt Cutts Van in Dumb and dumb – Although it was a pretty silly movie with funny moments, one of the most notable features was the truck that the two main characters were driving. The whole car was covered in faux fur. The sides had what looked like dog ears and movable legs. The front of the car had the face of a dog. This truck didn’t seem too stable and the brakes didn’t seem entirely safe, either. How much money spent on something that is likely to be difficult to clean.

Other famous cars that are popular include the sports cars in The Transporter, Fast and Furious, and Iron Man. The most impressive cars in the movies made us feel like we could do anything. His skills and braking ability were excellent. But could you imagine how often these cars would have had to be repaired mechanically and brakes?

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