The five blessings of God for man

And God blessed them, and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion in… Gen. 1:28 Every man receives a fivefold blessing from God according to the affirmation of the previous scriptures .


God’s first blessing on man is that he be fruitful. This has a deeper meaning than simply having been biologically fruitful. This blessing of fertility encompasses everything and touches all aspects of a man’s life, business, education, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Not only are you hurt and prayed to be fruitful, you are also commanded to be. God commands that you be fruitful in everything you set out to do. Jesus said that the ax is already laid to cut down all the unproductive trees, which means that lack of fruitfulness on your part can attract God’s wrath. It is God’s will for you to succeed because He commands you to be fruitful and even threatens to punish any unsuccessful servant. Do you remember the story or parable of the talents? One servant was given five talents, the other was given two talents, and the last was given only one talent. While the first two servants traded with their talents and made one hundred percent profit, the last servant only kept what was given to him. The last servant never traded with his talent, it was not fruitful, and this drew great punishment from the master.

Friend, you have been given a talent, God has blessed you and commanded you to be fruitful. It is his own responsibility to discover his talents, trade with him and make a profit that God is proud of. Stop wondering if it is God’s will for you to succeed or not. I am telling you through this medium by the Spirit of God that it is God’s will that you succeed.


The Bible says, ‘Be fruitful and multiply…’ It is God’s will that you multiply not only your children but also your material possessions, intellectual capacity, spiritual power and influence. It is God’s will that you grow big, no matter how small your beginning. You can imagine? The Lord of heaven and earth began the human race with one man, Adam: So the woman was created to help the man. Today we have about six billion people on the face of the earth. It seems as if there are more than ten times this number who have come to earth at one time or another since creation.

The interesting thing is this, it all started with just two people. If you are willing to start small, you will see the dynamic blessing of multiplication at work in your life. Starting small is part of God’s plan and intent, but it takes faithfulness, hard work, and persistence to see blessings multiply in that endeavor. The truth about multiplication is easily seen in what each farmer plants. When a grain of corn is sown and well tended, the harvest will be more than what is sown. God’s purpose of multiplication is thus demonstrated.

God expects you to be faithful and serious in what you are doing and soon you will see the power of multiplication working in all your undertakings. Always remember, God commanded that you multiply. It is mandatory that you multiply in any company in which you get involved. God expects you to be fruitful and multiply greatly. As you continue to be faithful to God and his word, I command the power of multiplication to come upon you now in the name of Jesus.


General 1:28 says in part, ‘Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth…’

To replenish means to refill; put new supplies into something. God wanted man to invent things, man to be creative and innovative. It is God’s will that man fill the earth with new discoveries, new inventions and new scientific creations. This is what God meant by filling the earth, it is the ability of man to take gold (for example) from the depths of the earth, refine it and use it for the glory of God.

When you look around you, it will be very easy for you to realize this, since man has progressed a lot and has advanced on earth. Man has created many things that in those days were thought impossible. Man has turned this great world or earth into a global village. With man’s ingenuity and power to replenish the earth, you can know what is happening around the world. Those who live in England can get first-hand news of events in America and Australia, fresh news through electronic media. Man has done well in this commandment to replenish the earth.

Look at yourself, how much of the earth have you been able to replace since you were born, what invention have you been able to make, what contribution are you making to your world. You have something you can also give to make this world a better place, think about what you love to do that can add meaning to someone else’s life. Think of what you can say, do or invent to make life easier for another person and I can assure you that success will become your closest companion.

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