The Iron Men of Professional Sports

While there are a considerable number of great athletes in the professional ranks, there are very few who have earned the reputation of being iron men in their respective sports. Most of us associate the term Iron Man with the caricature of a fictional superhero possessing extraordinary abilities far surpassing those of mere mortals. Another mental image that comes to mind when hearing the word iron man is the grueling event in which participants must swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, and conclude with a 26.2-mile run. The keyword for this event is endurance, and endurance is precisely what distinguishes four athletes from four different sports who have apparently mastered the art of endurance.

Canadian hockey star Jay Bouwmeester is on the short list of longest active game streaks at 471. This tough player has been able to avoid serious injury that would put him out for an extended period of time and play through injuries. more minor events that you have incurred in your career.

On the baseball field, Ironman status goes to Ichiro Suzuki. Suzuki is a right fielder for the Seattle Mariners, whose record of ten consecutive seasons of more than 200 hits is the most of any baseball player. The only other player who can match his streak is Pete Rose and his record is non-consecutive years.

NFL player Ryan Longwell holds the record for the most points scored in his career, having kicked 226 field goals in his nine seasons of play. Longwell is currently with the Minnesota Vikings.

Iron man Derek Fisher, current guard for the Los Angeles Lakers has played in more than 458 consecutive games over a 5.4-year span, the longest in NBA history.

In sports where injuries tend to be part of the package, these four athletes have had astonishing long-term success.

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