The most popular men’s fragrances of 2015

In a recent survey conducted, the following colognes made the list of the most preferred colognes for men in 2015. These colognes are not necessarily the opinion of the writer.

Nautical trip Nautical Eau de Parfum – this men’s cologne combines a fresh aquatic fragrance with floral notes for a sweet and exciting result. This mesmerizing summer scent features top notes of fresh-cut apple and fresh green leaves that are complemented by water lotus, drenched mimosa and sailcloth accords. Moss, musk, amber, and cedarwood round out this incredible aquatic scent for an earthy fragrance.

Aqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani Eau de Parfum – described as a sensual and masculine men’s fragrance, the fragrance’s combination of sweet and salty notes consists of mandarin orange, orange, lime, lemon, jasmine, neroli and bergamot. The balanced mix of citrus notes with fresh aquatic notes give this fragrance a light and elegant scent reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

Legend of Mont Blanc Mont Blanc Eau de Parfum – this casual fragrance is composed of sweet notes of verbena, lavender, apple, rose and pineapple leaf, spicy hints of bergamot including earthy nuances of sandalwood, tonka and evernyl. The overall scent is masculine, making it a modern, mysterious and timeless fragrance.

Cold water Davidoff Eau de Parfum – described as one of the best classic ocean fragrances for active men who want to smell fresh all day. The balanced blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss and sandalwood notes complement the mix of aquatic and earthy scents, leaving men smelling great and powerful throughout the day.

Jean Paul Gaultier The male Francis Kurkjian Eau de Parfum – created for the modern, casual and gentle masculine man, this hypnotic fragrance is the perfect combination of intensity and warmth, making it a unique and seductive fragrance for any man. Featuring fresh and smooth notes of warm fresh mint and vanilla combined with bold notes of orange blossom, cinnamon and lavender along with strong and sensual notes of sandalwood and cedar. This warm and manly fragrance will drive any woman crazy.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Paco Rabanne Eau de Parfum – this rich and expressive fragrance is contained within the bar-shaped gold bottle. This seductive and seductive fragrance is composed of blood mandarin, mint with sparkling fresh fruit top notes including heart notes of rose, musk and spicy masculine flowers. To give this fragrance a bold edge, base notes of amber and sultry leather make this the most desired fragrance.

Versace Men’s Eau Fraiche Gianni Versace Eau de Parfum – this fragrance can best be described as a soft, fresh and subtly sexy scent that infuses Mediterranean qualities giving it an aquatic feel. This fragrance is made up of top notes of bergamot, lemon, rose, and rosewood, along with heart notes of tarragon, pepper, clary sage, and cedar. The base notes steal the show with a blend of musk, saffron, amber, and woody scents making for a truly masculine scent.

Armani Code Giorgio Armani Eau de Parfum – It has a fresh and sexy masculine aroma that is perfect for a romantic night. This seductive fragrance has sharp notes of bergamot and lemon softened by hints of orange blossom and apple, invigorated by tonka bean and guaiac wood.

With this information in hand, every man should be able to find that perfect fragrance that suits his personality.

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