Trust issues

In our world today we were allowed the luxury of trust. Generally, we do not feel threatened or need to be on our guard when dealing with others in our day-to-day lives. Fast forward to post apocalypse and it’s a different story, where if you’re not on guard at all times, you could be dead. This becomes even more important when you meet other survivors who seem friendly and even offer to help you. So what should you do in case you run into other survivors who seem friendly and who might not be?

1. Stay armed

The survivors you come across can seem like normal and decent people, they even look like your grandparents, regardless of whether you always carry a gun with you and are ready to use it at all times. You want to keep this weapon hidden while maintaining the advantage if things get ugly.

2. Sleep with one eye open

If you are alone and come across another survivor, don’t oversleep as they might use this opportunity to attack. Keep your gun ready to use in a place where you can quickly grab it, such as under your pillow or on your sleeve.

3. Keep them in front, not behind

If you’re on the go, keep them in front of you as much as possible, especially later in the day if you’re walking. You will get more tired as the day goes on and your guard may start to drop. If they are after you, they might take this as an opportunity to attack you when you least expect it.

4. Don’t fall for what they say

Over time, you will start talking to these other survivors, who were social creatures after all and communication is a fundamental part of that. Just because they can be friendly and calm, they might use that to attract you. Think of used car salesmen, for example, who are trained to communicate in a certain way so that the potential buyer feels comfortable and more comfortable when buying a car. A really good one can even convince you to buy a car that you initially didn’t want or that was more than you were willing to pay at first. The same goes for post-apocalypse, a really smooth talker can easily let their guard down. You can start to think they’re okay and befriend them, and that’s when they attack.

5. Go with your instincts

If all else fails, follow your instincts. Even if they seem fine and friendly and offer to help you with whatever you need, if your instincts tell you not to trust them, believe your instinct. Nine times out of ten your instincts won’t lie.

Remember that the post apocalypse will be a desperate world; Be alert at all times. For more information on post-apocalypse survival, visit my website The Razors Edge, a post-apocalypse survival guide.

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