What is a guarantor for renting a house in Edinburgh?


Since we are not British, it will be troublesome when renting the whole apartment. Because the rent in the UK is paid every month, and since we don’t have any credit records in the UK, the intermediary will ask you to provide a guarantor. If one day you can’t pay the rent, your guarantor will help you pay the rent. . Many people finally choose another option that does not require a guarantor, that is, to pay the rent for 6 months or 1 year at once. Depending on how long the break clause is in your contract, it is recommended that you pay the rent until the time when you can withdraw the rent .

What is the Break Clause? For example, the contracts of many student accommodation in Edinburgh are usually one-year, but the tenant can move out after 6 months (this time is based on your landlord), so don’t pay it all at once. One year, but when you can return the lease.


This word is often seen when looking for a Edinburgh student accommodation. Bills means bills, which include all the expenses that you need to pay after renting, such as water bills, electricity bills, gas bills, Internet bills, telephone bills, TV License, Council Tax.

If you are renting a suite by yourself, you have to apply for these things yourself. If you are renting a bedroom with others, the general landlord will provide it. If you need to handle these things yourself, remember to ask your intermediary or landlord to find out which companies provide services for your current suite (that is, the services used by your previous tenants), and then contact those companies to provide Your residential address to create an account in your name.

In the same way, when you want to move out, you should also contact these companies to close your account so that your next tenant can continue to apply for use.”

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