What is an enlightened abundance mindset?

‘From abundance he took abundance and still abundance remained.’ The Upanishads.

If you have a bit of an entrepreneurial streak, always looking for ways to become free in a physical sense from everyday life (i.e., free to do what you want to do), then here is the Enlightenment approach to abundance.

First of all, and without saying the obvious, we need money. Period. This is how the world works. We need money so that we can be free to choose how we spend our days, to help others and to achieve any personal goal. But many people have ‘money guilt’ when they feel deep down that having a lot of money is wrong. But this is one aspect of the consciousness of poverty that governs the planet. This is now being played out on a large scale. And therefore, it is time to make a change towards a new way. We are being called to question our limited beliefs and let go of them.

The other extreme also prevails, it is greed. The greed of many of the world’s rich and well off, who (yet) don’t have a more enlightened stance on their responsibility due to their wealth. This type of person has a ‘darkened’ mentality (as opposed to an enlightened one) that is based on selfishness, greed and win-lose. But ultimately, the failure to add value to others and to society stops the flow of money. How many lottery winners have there been, for example, who have laundered all their winnings in luxury possessions and ended up almost as poor as before?

So in the middle, according to the middle path of Buddhism, there is an alternative and it is win-win.

This is what the ‘enlightened plenty’ mentality is all about and how to be.

1. BE – DO – HAVE is the maxim. Being comes first. This is personal growth, internal mindset, spiritual realization.

2. Abundance comes from improving the situation of others and the main reason to get is to have more to give. Donors get.

3. First you help others and then you come back ten more times.

4. You give because this is who you are.

5. You operate above the ‘Choice Line’: above the line you learn, below the line you blame.

6. Abundance is your natural state.

7. Sharing always creates more.

8. Abundance means more than enough for everyone on this planet and for a healthy economy.

9. Abundance IS.

10. To be and have abundance you must open the door marked Freedom, not Security. If you choose the door marked as Security, you will lose both.

11. Money should work for you, not you for money.

To make the above a reality, you must first make the decision to choose enlightened abundance.

Then you must take action towards clearly defined objectives.

Change is a door that can only be opened from within…

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